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CIW Foundations

Terms and fact critical to the CIW Foundations certification exam

network of interconnected computers having now centralized control Internet
US Commerical TLD com
US Educational TLD edu
US Government TLD gov
TLD top level domain
International country TLD co
US Military TLD mil
organizational network TLD net
Non-profit organization TLD org
Country code for UK co
Files stored from a visited website that the browser doesn't have to reload if not changed browser cache
early Internet text-based browser tool Gopher
FTP file transfer protocol
file transfer protocol used for transferring files between across the Internet
Fastest dial-up speed 56 KPS
dial-up networking device Modem
DSL digital subscriber line
DSL max speed 10Mbps
ISDN max speed 64Kbps
Cable connection max speed 52Mbps
Connects LANS to Internet T1
T1 Best speed 1.544 Mbps
European equivalent of T1 E1
E1 best speed 2.048 Mbps
Connects corporate LANS to the Internet T3
T3 best speed 44.736Mbps
Europeon equivalent of T3 E3
E3 best speed 34.368Mbps
E-commerce transactions between businesses B2B
B2B Business to business
E-commerce transactions between businesses and consumers B2C
B2C business to consumers
E-commerce transactions between consumers C2C
C2C consumers to consumers
SSL Secure Socket Layers
Common security protocol used to encrypt e-commerce transactions SSL
text files saved by servers to client computers in response to a request from a client browser cookies
graphic format that has no compression and holds 256 colors and can be animated GIF
GIF Graphics Interlaced Format
graphic format that has 16million colors that can be compressed and lose quality JPEG
JPEG Joint Photographers Exchange Graphic
A replacement for GIF that supports 16 million colors but no animation PNG
PNG Portable network graphic
RGB Red Green Blue
a graphics error where the graphic is rendered outside its range of colors, and a suitable color is approximated dithering
graphics error where the graphic is rendered in a larger quality size than what is was saved for, resulting in blurring of image pixelated
object oriented programming language developed by Sun Microsystems used to develop a website Java
object-based scripting language adapted from Sun's LiveScript that is interpreted by the web browser JavaScript
CSS Cascading Style Sheet
HTML Hypertext markup language
XHTML Extensible Hypertext Markup Language that meets both HTML and XML standards
XML Extensible markup language
IMAP Internet Messaging Access Protocols
NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol
Used by RSS and Newsfeed servers NNTP
Used by Internet-Email servers to provide access to e-mail only via Internet IMAP
PPP Point to Point protocol
Protocol used in dial-up connections to connect to the Internet PPP
POP Post office protocol
Used by client PCs to retrieve e-mail from an e-mail server and store on client's computer POP
SMTP Simple mail transfer protocl
used by e-mail servers to send the e-mail messages SMTP
Port for HTTP 80
Port for ftp 20/21
Port for Telnet 23
Port for SMTP 25
Port for SSL 443
HTTP Hypertext Markup Language
protocol used to remotely connect to a PC telnet
OSI Model standard for network communications
regenerates a weak signal and performs NO error correction repeater
multi-port network repeater device hub
networking device bridge
networking device brouter
networking device switch
networking device router
digital networking device to convert analog and digital signals CSU/DSU
cable backbone with notes bus
notes connected by cables that pass through a central controlling device such as a hub star
nodes connected through a MAU that pass a token around for permission to transmit ring
MAU multistation access unit used in MAC networks
multiple nodes connected to each other with the ability of data to travel many different paths mesh
IIS Internet Information Server
Microsoft's web server IIS
Open Source & Unix-based webserver Apache
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