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Mid-term Review

7th Grade Mid-Term Language Arts Review

What is a refrain? A phrase or line repeated throughout a poem
What was the refrain in the poem "Columbus"? Sail on, Sail on and on
What metaphor does the author use in "Old Sly Eye" to describe the flash from Alben's musket? A flaming tongue
What is Mother's main motivation for buying her daughter a suit in the excerpt from Preacher's Kids? pride
Why did Mother start acting tense and ill-tempered in the Preacher's Kids? her conscience was convicting her of deceit
What did the Robertsons and Robin use to write letters instead of paper? A piece of the sail
What is Glenn Cunningham's attitude toward his injury in "Run, Boy, Run!"? He responded to tragedy by working to overcome it
What symbol(s) does Helen Keller use to describe her own state before Annie Sullivan arrives? the broken doll
What is the genre of "The Friend Inside"? historical fiction
In "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi", which characters exhibit courage? the mongoose and The man or Darzee's wife
What fable reflects the moral "You are judged by the company you keep"? The stork is caught with birds who were stealing food
In "The Rainy Day", what does Longfellow mean by "into each life some rain must fall"? Every life has to have some sadness
What is the king searching for in "A Grain as Big as a Hen's Egg"? someone to explain where the grain of corn came from
In "Whether by Life or by Death", how did John and Betty Stam react when the Communists came to their house? They received them curiously
What is the attitude of the miller in "The Windmill"? ungrateful
What did the message that Henry Junes received at the end of "The Two Strangers" say? try Tennessee
In "Gold-Mounted Guns", where did Will find the old man's money? Inside a tea canister on a mantel
suspense Reader anxiety resulting from the author's withholding of plot details
genre a type or category of literature
theme a recurring or emerging idea in a work of literature
meter the regular arrangement of stressed and unstressed syllables in a poem
figures of speech/figurative language an artful deviation from the usual way of saying things
rhyme In two or more words, the repetition of the last stressed vowel and all of the sounds following that vowel
free verse has no rhyme scheme or definite meter
understatement the representation of something as less important than it truly is
hyperbole a type of obvious overstatement used by writers to make a point
personification giving human characteristics to something that is not human
simile a comparison of two unlike things using like or as
metaphor an expression of one thing in terms of another
motivation the reason that a character behaves as he or she does
onomatopoeia the use of words that sound like what they mean (e.g. hiss, buzz)
symbol a person, place, thing, or idea that means something in addition to itself
fiction a work that contains events invented by the author
nonfiction Prose that tells of real people and events
first person the point of view in which the narrator, as one of the characters, refers to himself as "I" throughout the piece
third person the point of view in which the narrator refers to the characters as he, she, they or it
plot twist a plot development that violates the reader's expectations
foreshadowing hinting at events which will occur later within a story
flashback a reference to events that occurred before the action of the main story
irony the use of language to convey meaning other than what is stated
protagonist the main character in a story - sometimes known as the hero or heroine
antagonist the character who struggles against the protagonist
Who said "I wish the war was over now."? Martin Emery
Who said "scarred streak from Kansas"? Glenn Cunningham
Who said "You don't mind a lot of black widow spiders crawling all over you, do you?" Pat McManus
Who said "felt a misty consciousness of something forgotten"? Helen Keller
Who said "When he described the dog, I was sure it was his."? Mr. Junes
Who said "denies nothing, evades nothing? Edith Cavel
exposition the part of the story's plot that introduces the reader to the situation and setting
inciting incident the incident that sets the events of the plot in motion
climax the point at which the plot reaches the moment of highest emotional intensity
crisis the major turning point for the main character; the point at which something happens that affects the outcome of the story and determines the future of the main character.
resolution the final outcome of a story and the last element of the plot
Dan Scott Royo the Singer
Sam Gribley King's Provider
Rex Snapshot of a Dog
Crotalus The life and Death of a Western Gladiator
Alben Hastings Old Sly Eye
Dougal Robertson Castaways - man vs. nature
Mr. Beim received help and favor from stranger
Neosho let Shunuka take place in the ceremonial dance
Johnsy watched for the last ivy leaf to fall
Pete Stallings hands the ball to Billy Foxx
Snowden sold veggies - kind to Martin
Kass She requested that her older sister be given the poetry award
In his essay "Twas a Dark and Dreary Night," McManus primarily makes his pint by using _____________, humor
In McManus's essay "Twas a Dark and Dreary Night", what is the narrator's basic character flaw? pride
The major theme of "Columbus" is that ________________________. One should not quit but should persevere
In Longstreth's essay "The Friend Inside," Jim's reaction to the stranger's proposal that he betray the president exemplified his _________________. lack of self-control
The genre of "The Friend Inside" is _________________. historical fiction
When Rikki-tikki attacke dthe sleeping Nag, he locked his teeth and held on while the cobra battered him around, thus showing the mongoose's __________________. persistance
In the story "The Friend Inside," what event had happened earlier that would account for Jim's nightmare that he had lost a confidential dispatch from the president? Leaving his hat behind
The suspicious-looking stanger who approached Jim in front of Ford's Theater in "The Friend Inside" tried to tempt Jim to do what to things? To drink and to take bribes for the messages
In "old Sly Eye" the author uses the literary device of ____________ to relate a trapping expedition that had occurred proir to the action in the story. flashback
In "The Rainy day" Longfellow compares a rainy day to ___________________. his own life
In her poem "In Memory of My Dear Grandchild Elizabeth Bradstreet," Anne Bradstreet addresses ________________. her grandchild
What is one way in which the author of "The Mahogany Fox" encourages the reader to sympathize with the fox? makes it clear everyone is out to kill the fox
At the end of "The Mahogany Fox, what happens to Old Mahogany? Old Mahogany gets away
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