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Computer Acronyms 2

A list of computer acronyms and their meanings.

What does OS stand for? Operating System
What does HTML stand for? Hyper Text Markup Langauge
What does PHP stand for? Pre Hypertext Processor
What does ASP stand for? Active Server Pages
What does JS stand for? JavaScript
What does RAM stand for? Random Access Memory
What does HDD stand for? Hard Disk Drive
What does CSS stand for? Cascading Style Sheet
What does XML stand for? Extensible Markup Language
What does HTTP stand for? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
What does FTP stand for? File Transfer Protocol
What does TCP/IP stand for? Tranmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
What does WWW stand for? World Wide Web
What does W3C stand for? World Wide Web Consortium
What does ACL stand for? Access Control List
What does .exe stand for? An Executable file
What does .jpeg stand for? Joint Photographic Experts Group
What does IRC stand for? Internet Relay Chat
What does CPU stand for? Central Processing Unit
What does DDR3 stand for? Double Data Rate 3
What does DVR stand for? Digital Video Recorder
What does GUI stand for? Graphical User Interface
What does GUID stand for? Global Unique Identifier
What does IDE stand for? Integrated Development Environment
What does RAID stand for? Redundant Array of Independent Disks
Created by: mj3397