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A&E - CV

C/I of CV2 Not during pregnancy
C/I of CV13 Not during pregnancy
C/I of CV8 No needling (umbilicus)
C/I of CV15 No deep needling, no needling in superior direction.
CV1 MEETING POINT OF YIN (Intersection of CV, GV & Chong Mai) Regulates genitals and anus; major point in Taoist meditation and sexual practice; unblocks and releases CV & GV; brings down energy stuck in the head
CV2 GYN & menstrual disorders; women's discharges; painful urinary obstruction
CV3 FRONT MU POINT OF BL (Instersection of CV, SP, LV & KD) Main point for urinary disorders involving heat, stagnation or dampness; main point for heat in the genitals; lower warmer edema; GYN & menstrual stagnation; male sexual problems
CV4 FRONT MU OF SI Tonifies yuan qi; main point for exhaustion, weakness, chronic deficiency; main point for all urogenital problems (especially from cold & deficiency); main point for menstrual disorders from cold, deficiency, stagnation
CV5 Reproductive, urogenital, menstrual
CV6 Main point for QI TONIFICATION; SP/ST deficiency, menstrual discorders from deficiency, prolapse, impotence
CV7 Lower warmer water metabolism; menstrual disorders
CV8 Revival point for exhaustion; strengthens immune & adrenal functions; chronic diarrhea, digestive disorders; lumbar pain; longevity
CV9 Middle warmer dampness, & stagnation; water retention; stimulates SI
CV12 Main point to strengthen & harmonize SP/ST; for deficiency or stagnation; sedates rebellious qi
CV14 HT front MU point; heart oran and spirit problems; epigastric fullness & distension
CV15 Diaphragmatic spasm
CV17 Main point to tonify upper warmer and strengthen qi of the chest; main point for cough, wheezing, chest and heart pain, breast disorders
CV22 Wheezing, chest tightness
CV23 Main point for tongue & speech problems, salivation disorders; mouth & throat inflammation
CV24 Facial pain and paralysis; stiff neck
For amenorrhea due to blood deficiency, combine... CV4 with BL17, BL18, BL20, BL23, SP6, ST36.
For infertility with blood deficiency, combine... CV4 with Uterus point, LV14, SP6, ST36.
For prolapsed anus with deficiency and sinking of middle warmer qi, combine... CV4 with CV6, GV20, BL20, BL25, BL57, ST36
For abdominal distention with qi stagnation, combine... CV12 with CV17, CV6, LV3, ST36
For chronic hepatitis, combine... CV12 with GV9, BL18, BL19, GB34
For epigastric pain with cold deficiency of ST and SP, combine... CV12 with PC6, LV13, BL20, BL21, SP6, ST36
For stomach prolapse, combine... CV12 with CV6, ST25, GV20, ST36
For aphasia, combine... CV12 with HT5, GV15
Created by: jlc