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World History ch 23

World History

Social and political system used in France in the 1770's: Old Regime
Radical Group named for the style of breeches they wore: Sans-Culottes
About 98% of the people belonged to this group of common people: 3rd Estate
Napoleon gave up his plans to invade Britain because of: The Battle of Trafalgar
What is a plebiscite: A vote of the people
Describes the most radical members of the assembly: Left Wing
About what % of the population belonged to the 1st & 2nd Estate: 2%
What group finally forced Robespierre from power: Fellow Revolutionaries
Nobles who fled France: Emigres
The person most responsible for the accomplishments of the Congress of Vienna: Metternich
What strategy did Czar Alexander use to defeat Napoleon: Scorched the Earth
Which group imposed the reign of terror: Committee of Public Safety
Great Britain's reaction to the Continental system was: Organize its own blockade
What phrase would describe the goal of the Congress of Vienna: Stability & Security
What country did Napoleon attack to enforce the Continental System: Portugal
This revolutionary was stabbed by another revolutionary: Jean Paul Marat
How did Admiral Nelson win the Battle of Trafalgar: Divide and conquer
What Czar did Napoleon disagree with and go to war against: Alexander 1st
A mob stormed the ancient fortress looking for gunpowder on this day: Bastille Day
THis invention was created to be more humane: Guillotine
When the assembly was locked out, they took an oath in this place: Tennis/Handball Court
Why did the national assembly lose the support of French Peasants: Took away Catholic Church's land & independence
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