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Civics Exam Review

Where did the concept of citizenship begin? ancient Rome and Greece
When U.S. citizens elect members of Congress, they are practicing.. Representative Democracy
In a ________________ all citizens met to debate government matters and vote first hand. Example: Town Meeting Direct Democracy
People become citizens either by birth or _______________________ which is a legal process were foreigners can become citizens. Naturalization
Whose children would not automatically become U.S. citizens if born on American soil, but would be citizens of their parents home country only? Foreign Diplomats
Which government job could never be held by a naturalized citizen? President
Which document did England’s King John sign in 1215 granting landowners equal treatment under the law and trial by jury? Magna Carta
Which region used the plantation system for farming, relying on slave labor? Southern
Which region depended on shipbuilding, fishing, and whaling for their economy? New England
What was the name for the route taken by slaves from Africa to North America? Middle Passage
What government, created by the Jamestown colonists marked the beginning of self-government in the American colonies? House of Burgesses
Which conflict created the debt that American colonists were expected to repay to Great Britain during the 1760s? French and Indian
What were the first battles of the Revolutionary War, known as the “shot heard ‘round the world”? Lexington and Concord
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
Which English philosopher’s ideas about social contract theory and natural rights were used in the Declaration of Independence? John Locke
What became the slogan of the colonists in response to the unfair Stamp Act. Colonists believed they should not be subject to taxes from a government in which they had no voice. "No Taxation Without Representation"
Who published Common Sense, a pamphlet calling for complete independence from Great Britain? Thomas Paine
Which event led to the passage of the Coercive or Intolerable Acts, which restricted the colonists’ civil rights? Boston Tea Party
Which farmer’s rebellion showed that we needed a stronger government than the one established by the Articles of Confederation? Shay's Rebellion
Why did delegates to the Constitutional Convention originally meet? to revise the Articles of Confederation
Who was known as the “Father of the Constitution”? He created the Virginia Plan and was a main writer of the Federalist Papers? James Madison
Who were supporters of the Constitution that wanted a strong central government? Federalists
The Anti-Federalists opposed the Constitution because it did not include a.... bill of rights
The Constitution would go into effect when __________ out of the original 13 states ratified it. nine
What is needed for ratification of an amendment? approval of 3/4 of state legislatures
Which proposed plan was similar to the Articles of Confederation, calling for a unicameral Congress with equal representation? New Jersey Plan
powers of the national/federal government like declaring war Expressed Powers
powers shared between the state and national/federal government like taxation Concurrent Powers
powers of the state government like regulating prisons Reserved Powers
The Necessary and Proper Clause allows Congress to stretch its powers to exercise... Implied Powers
A population count taken every ten years. Using this information Congress will adjust the number of seats each state has in the House. Census
An oddly shaped district designed to increase one group’s voting strength. Gerrymander
Who would assume the presidency if both the president and vice president died? Speaker
Congressional members right to send job-related mail without paying postage. Franking Privilege
government projects that primarily benefit a Congress member’s home state Pork-Barrel Project
completely unrelated amendments to a bill rider
A filibuster is ended when three-fifths of the members vote for _____________, allowing no one to speak for more than one hour. cloture
A president can kill legislation by doing nothing for 10 days while Congress is not in a session. pocket veto
What system is used to elect the president and vice president? Electoral College
How do we determine each state’s number of electors? number of Senators and Representatives
Who chooses the president if no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes (270)? House
Who is the only president to serve more than two terms in office? Franklin Roosevelt
Who is the official leader of the Senate and votes in case of a tie? Vice President
Who must approve presidential treaties and appointments to high-ranking positions? Senate
The most important job of the president is to carry out the the nation’s laws as... Chief Executive
Who has power to declare war? Congress
An official representative of a country’s government. The U.S. will send them to another country only if the government of that country holds power legally. Ambassador
an agreement among a group of nations that prohibits them from trading with a target nation Embargo
a group of presidential advisers that include the heads of 15 top-level executive departments Cabinet
What was the last cabinet office added in 2002 in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks? Department of Homeland Security
List the three levels of federal courts. District, Appeals & Supreme
In which types of court do federal trials and lawsuits usually begin? The only federal court to use a trial by jury. District
A ruling that is used as the basis for a judicial decision in a later, similar case. Precedent
How long do Supreme Court justices serve? life terms
An appeals court can uphold the original decision; reverse the decision or _____________ the case, by sending it back to the lower court to be retried. remand
Which Supreme Court decision established the principle of judicial review? Marbury v. Madison
The U.S. has a ______________ system of government. two-party
In which type of election do voters choose a party’s candidates for the general election? primary
a series of statements expressing the party’s principles, beliefs; the most reliable source of information for learning about the views of a political party platform
What is the name of N.C. state legislature? General Assembly
Who chooses N.C. justices and judges? Voters
What does the lottery fund? Education
Who does the governor control in his commander-in-chief role? National Guard
Which court hears death penalty appeals in N.C.? Supreme
Serious crimes and civil cases involving more than $10,000 are heard in which N.C. court? Superior
What was the first known system of written law? Code of Hammurabi
serious crimes like murder, rape, or kidnapping felonies
less serious crimes like littering misdemeanors
A person accused of a crime and found not guilty may not be tried for the same crime a second time. double jeopardy
Juveniles receive many of the same rights as adults, EXCEPT.. no trial by jury
What is the main goal of the juvenile justice system? rehabilitation
What are the qualification required by the Constitution for becoming president of the United States? at least 35, resident of U.S. for 14yrs, and a native born citizen
Which Supreme Court case requires police officers to read suspects their rights when they are arrested? Miranda v. Arizonia
Which Supreme Court case guarantees suspects a right to a court appointed lawyer in criminal cases? Gideon v. Wainwright
Under which economic system would the factors of production most likely be owned by the government? Command Economy
Which economic system would describe the United States? Mixed Economy
Expenses that remain the same each month like mortgage payments. Fixed Costs
An assembly line worker in a plant is an example of which factor of production? Labor
Computers man-made materials would be which factor of production? Capital
What are the three esential questions each society must answer about production? What, How, and For Whom
What two things cause scarcity? Unlimited Wants and Limited Resources
the cost of the next best use of your time or money when you choose to do one thing rather than another Oppurtunity Cost
What economic model best represents the factor and product markets? Circular Flow
When real GDP is calculated the output of different years is priced at ______________ levels. This is used as a point of reference for comparison. Base Year
Which sector of the economy buys the greatest percentage of final goods as measured by the Gross Domestic Product? Consumer
What are the three basic needs? food/water, clothing, and shelter
The study of how people make decisions with limited resources. Economics
The cost of producing one additional or extra unit. Marginal Cost
What business strategy is demonstrated when the factory supervisor breaks a large job into small, separate tasks? Division of Labor
Which inventor developed the assembly line to more efficiently produce his Model T? Henry Ford
Which factor of production represents an individual who starts a new business or introduces a new product? Entrepreneur
Which branch of economics examines the small picture such as an individual? Microeconomics
Setting a minimum price that can be charged for a good or service such as minimum wage. Price Floor
According to the ____________________as price increases quantity wanted by the consumer decreases. Law of Demand
If people have less money, and are willing to buy fewer items then the demand curve to the left
A _______________ indicates that the price is too high. Surplus
A the point of _________________ supply=demand. Equilibrum
When economic activity is strong with businesses working and selling at full capacity; highest point in business cycle. Peak
Changes in government spending or tax policies is _____________ policy. Fiscal
__________ policy involves controlling the supply of money and cost of credit according to the needs of the economy. Monetary
What is the central bank of the U.S.? Federal Reserve
Banks and credit cards make money by charging _______________ on money loaned. Interest
Which term refers to taxes on gasoline, tobacco or alcohol? Excise Tax
What is the federal government’s largest source of revenue? Income Taxes
What is the county government’s largest source of revenue? It’s used to fund schools. Property Taxes
Which program pays some health care costs of elderly people? Medicare
Which government program provides money to people who are retired or disabled? Social Security
What occurs when a government spends more than it collects in revenue? Deficit
Which Supreme Court case upheld a student’s first amendment rights to freedom of speech by allowing black armbands to protest the Vietnam War? Tinker v. DesMoines
Which court case decided that “separate but equal” was unconstitutional, and desegregated public schools? Brown v. Board
Which amendment granted suffrage to women? 19th Amendment
Which amendment abolished slavery? 13th Amendment
Which event helped promote interest in the 26th Amendment to lower the voting age to 18? Vietnam War (draft)
What 5 Freedoms are protected by the First Amendment? Religion, Assembly, Press, Petition, and Speech
Which Amendment granteed D.C. three electors to vote for the president and vice president? 23rd Amendment
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