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Week 2

McIntire 110-122

What is the definition of message analysis To make a theory usable and to demystify the skill of interpreting
According to Selskovitch (in his own words) what is an interpreter’s task Search for equivalents in two different languages
How does Germain define background knowledge/situation? Set of facts known by the speaker and the listener at the moment the speech act occurs.
What is the definition of content? Refers to the fats, ideas, information and other objective material expressed in an utterance.
What is the definition of a proposition? An idea thought or any objectively expressed concept within the discourse.
The subject meaning experienced by the listener is called what? Connotative
Affect is the _______ and _______ conveyed in the text. Volume and tone
How is Affect perceived by listeners? Through volume and stress patterns,vocabulary choices,linguistic and paralinguistic clues
__________ ___________ is the relative impact (low-high) a message has on its receiver. Contextual force
What are metanotative qualities? Qualities of a message that allows us to answer questions about he speaker. Qualities of a messages and speakers are those non-content characteristics that influence or determine a person’s overall impressions of the speaker
By using this method of message analysis we should be able to gain insight into our present level of functioning. Critique
_______ ________ it allows us to focus our energy on the “problem” thereby using that energy efficiently Identifying difficulties
True/False: We should feel bad when we cannot find an equitant 100% of the time. False
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