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Cody 7th gr. SS

Western Europe - Chapter 10 - Switzerland

What makes up most of the landscape of Switzerland? The Alps
Switzerland refuses to take sides in disagreements and wars between countries. This is known as what? Neutrality
Because of its peaceful heritages, which city in Switzerland is the center of many international organizations? Geneva
The Alps make Switzerland the ____ of central Europe. Continental Divide
What is the capital of Switzerland? Bern
What is the largest city of Switzerland? Zurich
Describe the climate of Switzerland. Cold winters and warm summers
Switzerland is known for Chocolate and Cheese. These are what types of foods? Gourmet
Switzerland has how many national languages? What are they? 4 - German, French, Italian and Romansch
What language do most Swiss people speak? German
What type of Government does Switzerland have? Federal Republic
What do you call the units of local government in Switzerland? Cantons
Heading the national government of Switzerland is a 7 member panel called ______ Federal Council
Who is the leader of Switzerlan? President
Created by: cunninev