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Computer Efficoency

Computer Exam

Workbook Like a notebook, holds the worksheets
Worksheet Basic unit of the workbook, where you enter, calculate, and manipulate data (Spreadsheet)
Sheet Tab Tab at the bottom of the worksheet
Column Heading Letter or letters to identify each column
Column Vertical
Row Heading The left side of each row, the heading with a number
Row Horozontial
Cell Basic unit of the worksheet, intersection of the column or row. Have a unique address.
Cell Reference Letter/number combination that refrences each cell
Active Cell One cell in which you can enter data
Name Box Shows what cell is active
Gridlines Horozontial and vertical grey lines, you dont have to print them
Block Plus Sign When the cursor is inside the worksheet, its the shape of a block plus sign
Block Arrow When the cursor is outside of the worksheet
Fill Handle This feature copies formatting
Internet World's largest network
Network Collection of computers and devices connected together by modems, cables, telephone lines, and satellites
1969 By ARPA Arpanet became fuctionial in
ISP A business that has a permenant Internet connection. Provides temporary connections to individuals & companies for a fee
IP Address Number that uniquely inderifies each computer or device connected to the internet
Domain Name Text version of an IP address
URL Another name for the web address
World Wide Web Worldwide collection of electronic documents
Web Page Each document on the web
PDF Portable Document Format
Plug In Additional program that extends the capability of a browser
Web Site Collection of related web pages
Web Browser Software program that allows you to access and view web pages
Home Page Starting page for a browser
Downloading Process of recieving information such as a webpage or music onto your computer
Uploading Taking something off your computer and sending them to a site
Hyperlinks Built in connection to another related web page
Created by: laurenkohler7