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cretamen list 1

Roman numeral for 23 XXII
Give the Latin words for “twenty” and “three.” Vīgintī and trēs
What Etruscan was figuratively crowned by an eagle, and went on to become the fifth king of Rome? Tarquinius Priscus
Name the mythological hero to whom these characters are associated: Aethra, Aegeus, Ariadne, and the Minotaur. Theseus
Which case follows the preposition prope? Accusative
What does the Latin abbreviation A.D. stand for? anno domini
On what hill would you find the homes of the wealthiest Romans? Palatine
In what section of the city would you find the poorest Romans? Subura
Complete the following analogy: unus is to primus as tres is to what? tertius
: Now, try this: Take the number of years the Trojan War took Subtract the number of Graces Add the number of eyes four Cyclops would have And multiply by the number of ships Helen purportedly launched. What is the number? (10 – 3) + 4) * 1000 = 11,000
This brave Roman defended the Pons Sublicius single-handedly as it was being destroyed behind him, and then swam back to safety in his armor Horatius [Cocles]
What major river did the Pons Sublicius span? Tiber
Responde Latine. In what kind of dwellings did plebeian Roman citydwellers typically live? insulae
Created by: Erin31