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Ethics Comp I

Code of Ethics

Freedom (FED) right to chose, provide support
Equality (FED) treat equality, not to judge but treat the same
Dignity (FED) uniqueness, respect it, provide dignity
Altrusim (A) selfless concern for the welfare of others
Justice (JUICY) respects the individuals rights, got to repect rights of patients.
Truth (TANGY) maintain professional. be accountable, honest and accurate.
Prudence (PICKLE) keep yourself updated, demo sound judgement, care and discretion. knowing what your doing and why.
Beneficene (BANS) treat all equally
Autonomy & Confidentiality (BANS) keep pt & family involved, as well as confidential. always inform pt about service given.
Nonmaleficence (BANS) do not harm pt
Social Justice (BANS) provide equal services manner to all
Veracity (VERY) be truthful,and give accurate info
Fidelity (FINISHED) maintain confidentiality & ensure others do as well
Procedural Justice (PATIENTS) follow laws & regulations
Created by: shae05