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What is the primary purpose for tape application? Additional support, stability, and compression for the affected body.
What has the ability to contract and expand and is commonly used in areas that need greater freedon of movement? Elastic tape.
What are the six items in preparing the body for tapping and wrapping application? 1.Removal of hair. 2.Cleanse the area. 3.Special considerations. 4.Spray adherent. 5.Skin lubricants. 6.Underwrap.
What are support wraps? They are utilised to aid in muscle function and support and to reduce excessive range of motion.
Some common terminology for these wraps? Spica, figure eight, and pad support.
What are cpmpression wraps? They are utilized in initial injury treatment protocol: Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Support (P.R.I.C.E.S)
What are some common specialty supplies utilized n braces and special devices techniques? Foam, Thermoplastic. and Felt
What are some precautions with applying any technique. Make sure the athlete's skin teperature should be normal, this reduces skin irritation
To sustain, hold up of maintain a desired position is? Support
What is the main purpose when you apply skin lubricants? To reduce the possibility of skin irritation
What are some tapping techniques that can be applied to? Shorten the muscles angle of pull. Decrease joint range of motion. Secure pads, bandages and protective devices. Apply compression to aid in controlling swelling.
What is a Flexion Wrap? A wrap used to assist in the flexion of that joint.
Anything which makes stable or secure, anything which is depended upon for support or security is? Anchor
What does P.R.I.C.E.S stand for? Protection, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation, and Support.
What is Pad Support? a pad placed in a certian area to sustain, hold up, or maintain a desired position.
Proper skin temperature reduces the chance of? irritaion
What is the advantage of removing hair prior to applying a taping technique? It will ensure a good solid foundation for the tape and also allowss easy tape removal and reduce skin irritation.
What is check pain? reinforced tape to restrict motion.
What is extension wrap? wrap used to assist in the extension of a specific joint.
Spica wrap is? a figure eight bandage that generally overlaps the previous to form V like designs; used to give support, apply pressure of hold a dressing.
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