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end term english exa

Stack #81068

hero simba
herald rafiki
faithful companions timon and pumba
damsel in distress serabi
creatures of nightmare hyenas(ed,banzai, and Shanzi
loyal retainer zazu
initiate simba
evil villain scar
mentor mufassa
Direct object to what or to who
indirect object to who or to whom
LV predicate adjective/noun
action verb shows physical action, mental action, and possession
anti-semitism hostility towards jews as a religious or ethnic minority
aryan in germany non-jewish non-gypsy caucasions
aushchwitz largest nazi concentration complex
birkenau contained the large scale killing apparatus at auschwitz
buchenwald large concentration camp established1937 in central Germany
Treblinka concentrarion camp
Dachau concentration camp
concentration camp any group disliked by Hitler's regime ended up in concentration camps
extermination camps used to eliminate jewish people in concentration camps
crematory an establishmentcontaining a furnace for reducing dead bodies to ash by burning them
Created by: chingatumadre