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Art 1st Semester

Art 1st Semester Exam

Define Element Of Art Basic componets or building blocks used by the artist when producing works of art.
7 Elements Of Art Color, Value, Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Space
Continuous Mark Made On Some Surface Line
Define Space Element of art that refers to the distance or area between, around, above, below, or within things
Where The Sky Meets The Ground Horizon Line
Uses 1 Vanishing Point 1pt Perspective
The point at which receding paraellel lines seem to converge Vanishing Point
Another Name For Horizon Line Eye Level Line
True/False: Overlapping Shows Depth True
7 Ways To Show Depth On A 2-D Surface Overlapping shapes, Distant shapes smaller&closer shapes larger, Distant shapes high&closer ones lower, Less detail in distance & more on closer, Duller hues for shapes in the distance, Coloring distant shapes more blue, Slant horozontial lines
Define Color Element of art with three properties: Hue, Intensity, Value
Another Name For Color Hue
Basic Colors From Which Its Possible To Mix All The Other Colors Of The Spectrum Primary
Obtained By Mixing Equal Amounts Of 2 Primary Colors Secondary
Colors Produced By Mixing Primary & Secondary Colors Intermediate
Colors Directly Opposite Each Other On The Color Wheel Complementary
Consisting of 1 color Monochromatic
What You Get When You Mix Two Complementary Colors Together Neutrel
Colors Next To Each Other On The Color Wheel Analogous
Colors Involved With The Sun Warm
Colors Involved With The Sky Or Water Cool
Light Values Of 1 Hue Tint
Color+Black Shade
True/False: If Lines Are Vertical In Life, Their Vertical In Drawings. True
3 Ways To Manipulate Lines 1. Direction 2. Thickness 3. Space In Between
What Do You Do To Clay Before You Start Using It Wedge It
4 Ways That Can Cause Your Project To Explode 1. Air Bubble 2. Foreign Object 3. Enclosed Space With No Hole 4. Too Wet
How Do We Dry Our Projects Cover Them In Plastic
What Does Clay Do When It Dries Shrinks
What Can Happen To Clay If It Dried Wrong Warp Or Crack
3 Types Of Handbuilding Methods Coil, Pinch Pot, Slab
Name 2 Of The 4 S's And Define Them Score: Distress clay surface before joining 2 pieces of clay Slip: Liquid clay used to join the pieces together
Type Of Handbuilding Where You Use Ropes Of Clay Coil
Type Of Handbuilding Where You Start With A Ball Of Clay And Insert Your Thumb Pinch Pot
Type Of Handbuilding That Uses Rolled Out, Flat Pieces Of Clay Slab
How Thick Should Slabs Be 3/8's Of An Inch
Type Of Clay We Use Earthernware
Name The 4 Different Building Techniques And Describe Them Carving: Cutting Into The Clay Surface And Removing Clay Impressing: Decorate By Stamping Or Impressing An Item Into It Embossing: To Decorate With Raised Ornamentation Incising: Engrave Or Cut An Area For Decoration
Where We Put Clay We Didn't Use And Tear It Into Tiny Balls Recycled Clay Container
Where We Clean Our Hands Slurry Bucket
An Element Of Art That Refers To The Way Things Feel Or Look As If They Might Feel Texture
The Renaissance Movement Began In Italy
Provided A Scientific Basis For The Illusion Kniwn As Linear Perspective Fillippo Brunelleschi
Brunelleschi demonstrated the key principle where parallel lineas apper to ________ in the distance and converge to a single point Recede
A german artist did one of the earliest known examples of mulitiple vanishing points Albrecht Durer
Studied light & shade and called it perspective of disappearance Leonardo
Created by: laurenkohler7