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A Rose for Emily voc

vocabulary for short story

remit pardon or forgive; a sin or offense
mote tiny thing; small particle or spack
gilt edge in gold; golden
pallid pale; faint or deficient in color; wan
hue shade of color; tint; variety of a color
temerity recklessness; foolhardy disregard for danger
teeming swarming with something or abounding
diffident shy; timid; fitness; worth; lacking confidence
deprecation express earnest disapproval; belittle; urgue
tableau picture as of a scene; striking scene
cabal secret intre; small group of secret plotters; plots and schemes
impervious can't pass through; not permitting penetration or passage
acrid bitter; sharply stinging; exceedingly caustic
thwart keep from happening; prevent
august magnificit; inspring reverence or admiration
cuckold husband of a woman having a affair; man's wife committed adultry
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