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Office Vocab

Microsft Office Vocab Lesson 1

Backstage view view with options to save a file, open a new file, and print
Contextual Tabs appear on the Ribbon only when you select certain items in a file, and they contain like a shape or clipart
Gallery shows all the options available for a command
Home Page the first page that opens when you start your browser
Internet a vast network of computers that are located all over the world and linked to one another
Gadget mini programs such as calendar or time that you can pin to your desktop
Live Preview lets you see how a gallery option affects your file without making the changes
Word software program for creating letters and reports
Mini Toolbar appears in the work area when you drag the pointer over text
Ribbon command central for the office program
Screen Tip a box that appears when you point to a button
Excel software program for calculating numbers and preparing budgets
Shortcut Menu appears when you righ click something in the program window
Minimize a sizing button that shrinks the window to a button on the desktop
Tab organizes the commands into related tasks on the ribbon
Task Pane a pane like a windowpane, that opens on the right or left side of the program window
Outlook a software program used to send and receive emails and organize appointments
Uniform resource locator (URL) a web page address
Web Browser special software used to view web pages.
Publisher a software program used to create newsletters and brochures
Access a software program used to organize inventory or addresses
Insertion point blinking line on the document that indicates where you begin typing
Status bar provides information about the current document such as page number and word count
Quick Access Toolbar provides quick access to common commands
Desktop the main work area of the computer
Icon graphic picture that represents a program, command or folder
Pin attaching a program or command to the start menu or task bar
Office Help (?) opens the Help window
File tab Opens Backstage View to save, open, and print files
Toggle button that turns on and off with a click of the mouse
Menu a list of other commands related to a button
Save used to save an existing file
Save as used to save a file for the first time, to a new location, or with a new name
Windows 7 the operating system we use on our computers
Paint a software program used to draw and manipulate pictures
Maximixe a sizing button to enlarge a document window to the full size of the monitor
Restore a sizing button to return the document window to the original size
Recycle bin a storage place for deleted files
Word wrap an option in Word that allows text to wrap to the next line without hitting Enter
Output device Monitor, printer and speakers
Input device Keyboard, scanner, mouse
Jumpdrive small portable storage device that fits on keychain
Hard drive internal storage device inside the computer
CPU brain of the computer
Scroll bar Allows user to move up and down the page
Zoom Option on the Status bar that increases or decreases the size of the program window
OneNote program in Office to store your thoughts and ideas
Created by: joshua67