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Elem of Media 1_cwm

Bell work 1-6-12

Animation Software Software that takes independent pictures or frames and puts them together to form the illusion of continuous motion.
Sound Editing Software programs used to record, edit and manipulate audio files.
podcasting software a collection of programs used to create, broadcast, and recieve podcasts.
file conversion software programs used to convert a file from one format to another; i.e. convert a wave to an mp3
painting software programs used to create bitmap images, useful in creating original art; uses brushes and pens to create images
drawing software programs used to create vector graphics; can create images by drawing freehand or by using geometric shapes.
image editing software programs designed to edit, manipulate, or modify digital photographs.
video editing software programs used to capture, edit, and manipulate video images, add effects, titles, and music to create studio-quality video.
DVD authoring software programs aimed pimarily at coverting videos, complete with titles and menus, into DVD movies that can be played on a DVD player.
Web Design software programs used to design and create single web pages and entire websites.
Created by: matheny5