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lesson 1 vocab


backstage view where you do "behind the scenes" tasks such as getting information about the current file, creating new files, printing the current file , sharing files with others, and defining file properties
contextual tab a tab that appears on the ribbon only when you select certain items in a file, and they contain commands related to that item
gallery a list of options available for a command
home page the first page that opens when you start your browser
internet a vast network of computers that are located all over the world and linked to one another
link text (often colored and underlined)or a graphic that you click on "jump" to another location or web page
live preview lets you see how a gallery option affects your file without making the change
microsoft office 2010 (office) a collection of software programs
mini toolbar appears in the work area after you drag the pointer over text while holding down the left mouse button
ribbon is "command central" for the office programs
screenTip is a box that appears when you point to a button
sharePoint is a site set up by an organization, such as school, business, or nonprofit group
shortcut menu appear when you right-click something in the program window
skyDrive is a web site provided by microsoft
tab on the ribbon organize the commands into related tasks
task pane is a pane, like a windowpane, that opens on the right or left side of the program window
toolbar contains buttons that you can click to perform common tasks
uniform resource locator (URL) address system, each web page has an address
web browser to view web pages, you need special software
world wide web (web) a system of computers that share information by means of links on web pages
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