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only publisher questions

What area in Publisher Options controls the AutoRecover Information? Save
Which command is selected in Publisher 2010 Backstage view to send the current publication as an email? Save & Send
Which file extension is applied to publications that are saved in Publisher 2010? .pub
Which command is selected in the Publisher 2010 backstage view to close a publication but not the program? Close
What is the first step that must be taken to replace placeholder text in publication? Select the text
what is the name of the small arrow that appeaars in the lower right corner of some groups on Publisher Ribbons? Dialog box Launcher
Which keyboard may be used to view Keytips for certain commands in Publisher 2010? ALT
Which area provides easy and centralized access to the commands required for creating a Publisher 2010 2010 publication in? Ribbon
What appears on screen in the Publisher window when you point to a command on any Ribbon? Enhanced Screen Tip
Based on tasks you perform, what automatically apears with commands for changing the appearence of text in a publication? Mini Toolbar
How are ribbons in Publisher 2010 activated? By clicking the associated tab
Which of the following displays a list of frequently use commands related to the right-clicked object? Shortcut menu
Which Ribbon contains commands to zoom a publication to fill the Publisher window? View
Which group enables a user to select a new set of color combinations for application in the current publication? Color Scheme
Which Ribbon includes a checkbox for controlling the alignment of an object with other objects on the page? Page Design
Which command enables a user to place colors, patterns, or images behind page content? Background
which command on the Page Design Ribbon allows a user to select a new publication template and transfer existing content into the new template? Change Template
Which command on the Insert Ribbon enables a user to select text from a file and place it into a publication? Insert File
Which group on th eInsert Ribbon enables a user to choose from a predefined set of calendars for inserting into a publication? Building Blocks
In Publisher 2010, what is the process of shrinking or stretching text that changes the width of individual characters in a text box called? Scaling
What is a semitransparent graphic that is visible in the background of a printed publication called? Watermark
What is the name of the background area in a publication that is similar to the header and footer area in traditional word processing software? Master Page
Which Ribbon contains the command to split a cell in a table into two cells? Table Tools Format
Which area provides a predefined collection of formats for easily specifying colors and shading to apply to a table? Table Formart Gallery
When a table is selected, which Ribbon displays commands to insert new columns or rows? Table Tools Layout
What is the formatting mark that assists in selecting and formatting cells in a table called? End-of-cell mark
In a table, what is the intersection of a collumn and row that is usually filled with text or graphical data called? Cell
What is a set of contiguous text boxes that are displayed in rows and columns called? Table
Created by: carochelle