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Spreadsheet Terms

MS Office Excel 2007 A powerful spreadsheet program that allows users to organize data, complete calculations, make decisions, graph data, develop professional looking reports, publish organized data to the Web, and access real-time data Web.
Workbooks A collection of worksheets; allows users to enter, calculate, manipulate, and analyze data such as numbers and text.
Charts Excel can draw a variety of charts.
Web Support This function allows users to save Excel worksheets or parts of a worksheet in HTML format, so a user can view and manipulate the worksheet using a browser.
Sheet Tab This is where the sheet name of the worksheet appears.
Column Heading Identifies each column.
Row Heading Identifies each row.
Cell Basic unit of a worksheet into which you enter data.
Active Cell One into which you can enter data.
Gridlines Horizontal and vertical lines on the worksheet itself.
Formula Bar Formula bar that appears below the Ribbon.
Fill Handle Small black square located in the lower-right corner of the heavy border around the active cell.
Format Used to emphasize certain entries and make the worksheet easier to read and understand.
Merging Cells Create a single cell by combining two or more selected cells.
Embedding Chart 3-D Clustered Column chart drawn on the same worksheet as the data.
Workbooks What are a collection of worksheets.
Limited by computer memory The number of worksheets that a workbook can contain is __________.
Column-row The intersection of each column and row is called a __________.
Mini What is the toolbar, which appears automatically based on tasks you perform (such as selecting text), contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a worksheet?
Submenu A(n) __________ is a list of additional commands associated with the selected command.
Key Tip badge If you prefer using the keyboard, instead of the mouse, you can press the ALT key on the keyboard to display a(n) __________.
Left-aligned When a cell entry is positioned at the far left in the cell, it is considered __________.
Formatting Changing the font type, changing the font style to bold, increasing the font size, and changing the font color is called __________.
11 How many chart types does Excel offer?
Office Button When you click the __________, located in the upper-left corner of the window, Excel displays the Office Button menu.
Addition he formula to calculate for a range of cells is =SUM(A2:A4) and does which function:
Autosum When you highlight a column to quickly get a total sum, which button on the home tab do you select?
Cell Style If you want to change the formatting in a cell and add a unique title and heading, which function do you select?
True A new workbook opens with three worksheets, but additional worksheets can be added as long as your computer has enough memory to accommodate them.
True When text is longer than the width of a column, Excel displays the overflow characters in adjacent cells to the right.
True Text entered in a cell can be realigned.
True The horizontal and vertical lines on a worksheet itself are called gridlines.
True A formula always begins with a Plus = sign.
True You are able to fill in a formula by clicking and dragging using the fill function.
Created by: eva_rutiri