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Reunifying China

All about the reunification of China

What is the Mandate of Heaven? When a dynasty is believed to have been chosen by heaven to rule all of China.
Which dynasty fell because of corruption, food shortages, and nomadic invasions resulting in 361 years of chaos. The Han Dynasty
Describe Confucianism. It is a Chinese belief system based on morality, order, and mutual relationships. It tells you must show respect to your elders. Confucianism also instructs the followers to educate individuals and society.
Who created Confucianism? Confucius.
When China suffered in those terrorizing 361 years, the went to what belief to help with suffering? Buddhism.
Where did Buddhism originally com from? Northern India.
Describe Daoism. Daoism is a belief system that blended with Confucianism because in order to be moral, you have to live in harmony with nature.
How did Wendi reunify China? He killed 59 royal princes, brought back old traditions, and also started public works projects.
How did the Tang emperors reunify China even more? They used scholar officials, and the extended roads and canals.
What is the Dynastic Cycle? A repeating pattern of one dynasty after another gaining and losing the Mandate of Heaven.
Created by: Smoovebananaz