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Mock Trial #1

Vocabulay quiz for mock trial #1

Deposition Sworn staements made by the witnesses before a trial to answer a lawyer's questions.
Deliberation Act of dixcussing and coming to a decision in a legal case.
Defence Attorney The lawyer who represents the defendant.
Cross Examination Queshtioning of witness for teh opposing side during a trial or hearing.
Crime An illegal act that harms others physically, economically, or phychologically.
Court Place where civil and criminal trials take place.
Closing Argument Summary remarks to the jusy by attorneys on both sides after all evidence has been presented.
Circumstantial Evidence Indirect facts about what happned in a case form which one can deduce or figure out what happned.
Beyond a reasonable doubt The standard proof needed to convict a person of crime.
Attorney Person licensied to represent others in legal matters.
Created by: emmie.lewis