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only microsoft word questions

which type of drop cap moves to the left of the margin to offset the first letter? In margin
which command on the Insert ribbon enables a user to insert an embedded object onto a document? object
what is the default space between columns? 0.5 inches
which type of break moves text following the break to the next column in the document? column
which type of drawing object enables users to create shadowed, rotated, streched, and wavy text effects? WordArt
which window allows users to see document pages exactly as they will print? print
what group in the Review ribbon contains the command to accept and reject changes made to the document? changes
in a mail merge, what condition can be created to determine how data is merged in a mail merge document? An expression
where is a word 2010 mail merge data source for future use? my data sources folder
where is the command for modifying a document's margin settings located? Home Ribbon, Page Setup group
What is the correct file type of a normal Word 2010 template? .dotx
which command group in the table tools ribbon contains the command to modify the height or width of rows and columns in a table? cell size
which command in the View ribbon is used to zoom a document view width to the same as the window width? Page width
where does word 2010 put elements such as text, logos, or graphics saved for later use in a document? quick parts gallery
what does the mouse pointer look like when you are able to move a floating graphic to a new location within the document? four-headed arrow
which button on the Picture Tools Format Ribbon is used to change the pigment of the graphic? Color
which menu contains the command to apply a shape style? Drawing tools format ribbon
what is the default leader selection for tab stops in word 2010? None
what is the default increment for tab stops in word 2010? 0.5 inches
what is the graphic a user creates using word 2010? drawing object
which editing tool is used to search for the replace specific text in a document? replace
which ribbon contains the command to change the preset margin settings in a Word 2010 document? page layout
which tool converts words or paragraphs into a different language using the word 2010 bilingual dictionaries? translate
which keyboard function key quickly activates Spelling and Grammar checker? F7
what is the commonly used shortcut key or keyboard combo for copying text to the clipboard? Ctrl+ C
which of the following does word 2010 offer for temporary storage of up to 24 items copied from any microsoft office program? office clipboard
what is the commonly used shortcut key or keyboard combination for pasting text from the clipboard? Ctrl+V
what type of paragraph formatting forces the first line into a position to the left of the rest of the paragraph? Hanging indent
when a user forces a document to create a new page at a specific location, which of the following terms best describes this action? Manual page break
which ribbon group within the insert ribbon enables a user to insert the current date and set the date to automatically update each time the document is opened? Text
what does word 2010 automatically insert when it determines the text has filled one complete page allowed by the page size, margin settings, line spacing, and other settings? page break
which dialog box provides the user with the ability to create pieces of text that will be replaced with full text as it typed? AutoCorrect
Created by: albrown24