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Computer Terms

Basic Computer Literacy Terms

A program or software that performs a specific task, such as word processing or database management Application Program
A copy of a file created as a safety precaution in case anything happens to the original. Backup File
A read-only disk drive designed to read the data encoded on compact discs and to transfer this data to a computer. CD-ROM
A set of non-copyrighted images on paper which can be clipped to illustrate brochures, flyers, posters, etc. Clip Art
Sufficient computer knowledge to prepare an individual for working and living in a computerized society. Computer Literacy
A program designed to alter or destroy the software or data stored on a computer system. Computer Virus
Software legally protected against copying or being used without paying for it. Copyrighted Software
A large collection of data organized for rapid search and retrieval. Database
The combination of text, graphics, and advanced formatting to create inexpensively a visually appealing document. Desktop Publishing
The conversation process by which peripherals (scanners, cameras, etc.) convert images into numeric digits before storing them in the computer. Digitizing
An area on a disk where you can store files. Directory
To transfer a file from a remote computer to your own computer. Download
A program that uses object-oriented graphics to produce line art. Drawing Program
The use of a network to send and receive messages. E-Mail
A document or other collection of information stored on a disk and identified as a unit by a unique name. File
Software that prevents access to places on the internet. Filtering Software
A complete set of characters with the same typeface, style, and size. Font
Printed computer output, differing from the data stored on disk or in memory. Hard Copy
A storage medium that uses several rigid disks coated with magnetically sensitive material and housed in a hermetically sealed mechanism. Hard Disk
The electronic components, boards, peripherals, and equipment that make up a computer. Hardware
In a hypertext system, the point of entry to a group of related documents. Home Page
In a graphical user interface, a small picture on the screen which represents something. Icon
To bring information from one program into another program Import
The information entered into a computer for processing program. Input
Any peripheral that enables a user to enter data into the computer. Input Device
A system of linked computer networks that facilitate data communication services. Internet
Temporary workspace in a computer. Memory
An integrated circuit containing the ALU and CU of a computer's central processing unit (CPU). Microprocessor
A set of unwritten rules governing the use of e-mail and Usenet newsgroups on the Internet. Netiquette
An application that enables the user to search locations on the Internet. Network Browser
A group of programs that help the computer's components function together smoothly. Operating System
The results of processing information shown on a monitor or printer. Output
A program that enables you to paint the screen by turning on or off the individual dots or pixels that make up a bitmapped screen display. Painting Program
A list of instructions telling the computer what do. Program
Non-copyrighted software that anyone may copy and use without charge. Public Domain Software
The working memory of the computer used for storing data temporarily while working on it, running application programs, etc. RAM
The part of the computer's primary storage that doesn't lose its contents when the power is turned off. ROM
Software that gives you the ability to search for Internet resources. Search Engine
Copyrighted software that may be tried without expense but requires payment of a registration fee if you decide to use it. Shareware
The software that allows you to go from one resource to another by following hyperlinks. Web Browser
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