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Computer Hardware for Mr. Carboni's Computer Class

Whats an 80-conductor IDE Cable? Hint: IDE = Integrated Drive/Device Electronics A Hard drive who's controller is intigrated into the drive. And makes it so no controller is needed and increases speed.
What does ANSI do? Hint: American National Standards Institute A nonprofit organization dedicated to creating trade and communications standards.
What does ATAPI do? Hint: Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface An interface standard, part of the IDE/ATA standards, that allows tape drives, optical drives, and other drives to be treated like an IDE hard drive by the system.
What does Autodetection do with the BIOS and hard drives? A feature of system BIOS and hard drives that automatically identifies and configures a new drive in BIOS setup.
What does Block Mode do with the memory data? A method of data transfer between hard drive and memory that allows multiple data transfers on a single software interrupt.
What does a boot record use a floppy disk for? The first sector of a floppy disk or hard drive volume; it contains information about the disk or volume. On a hard drive, if the boot record is in the active partition, then it can be used to boot the OS. Also called boot sector.
What does a Cluster do on a disk drive? One or more sectors that constitute the smallest unit of space on a disk for storing data (also referred to as a file allocation unit). Files are written to a disk as groups of whole clusters.
Whats DMA transfer mode do? Hint: direct memory access A transfer mode used by devices, including the hard drive, to transfer data to memory without involving the CPU.
What does EIDE (Enhanced IDE) have to do with memory? A standard for managing the interface between secondary storage devices and a computer system. A system can support up to four parallel ATA IDE devices such as hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and DVD drives.
Created by: shadowbob95