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HaneySports Med C9

HaneySports Medicine C9

What is Dyspnea? Difficulty in breathing.
What are the three signs of an acute abdomen? 1. Rebound Tenderness 2. Rigidity 3. Guarding
What are three hollow organs? Stomach, Gall bladder, Urinary bladder, Intestines, Vessels
What are three solid organs? Spleen, Liver, Kidneys, Pancreas
What are three signs or symptoms of rib fractures? 1. Pain at fracture site aggravated by coughing, breathing,, movement, and compression tests 2. Dyspnea (shortness of breath) 3. Localized tenderness 4. Bony or air crepitation 5. Contusion 6. Ecchtmosis (escaping of blood into tissue)
What is Bronchitis? Inflammation of the bronchial tubes. Usually characterized by a progressive cough.
What is Pneumonia? Inflammation of the lungs caused primarily by bacteria, viruses, chemical irritants, vegetable dusts, and allergy. Usually symptoms are fever, cough, and chest pain.
What is the term which describes a sharp pain in the side? It is usually associated with strenuous physical activity. It is usually caused by muscle spasm and/or trapped gas. Stitch in the side (side ache)
What is the term for inflammation of the appendix? APPENDICITIS Generally affects the young and is more common in males. Appendicitis is characterized by low grade fever, signs of acute abdominal pain often localized in the right lower quadrant, nausea, vomiting, and anorexia.
What are the four types of bones that make up the Vertebrae? 1. Thorax 2. Lumbar 3. Sacral 4. Coccyx
The use of hands to examine a body part is called __________. Palpation
The abdominal cavity is divided into what 4 quadrants? 1. right upper quadrant 2. left upper quadrant 3. right lower quadrant 4. left lower quadrant
When evalutating range of motion, the assessment is divided into what 3 motions? Active, Passive, and Resistive
What is the medical term for a heart attack? Myocardial Infarction
Inflammation of the serous membrane lining, which lies between the lung and chest wall, causing pain with inspiration and expiration or cough. Pleuritic Chest Wall Pain
What is the difference between Inspiration and Expiration? Inspiration: action of taking a breath(inhaling) Expiration: action of releasing a breath (exhaling)
The __________ pumps oxygenated blood from the __________ to the body and de-oxygenated blood from itself to the lungs. Heart; heart
Incomplete or imperfect digestion, usually accompanied by one or more of the following symptoms:pain, nausea, vomiting. Indigestion (heartburn)
If someone is passing blood in urine(Hematuria), they are having a sign of what type of injury? Kidney injury
The job of the ________ is to help control blood volume and remove waste from the blood in the form of urine. Kidney
What are VITAL SIGNS? abnormal nerve response, blood pressure, movement, pulse, respiration, skin color, state of consciousness and temperature.
What two tests follow after you determine the vital signs? Palpation and special tests
What is the process of AUSCULTATION? Listening for sounds in the thoracic and abdominal cavities. (usually used with a stethoscope)
When examining the abdomen the abdomen each quadrant should be _______, ________, and _____. Auscultated, percussed, and palpated.
What does auscultation determine? -normal vs. abnormal chest sounds -breathing equality -depth of breaths
What is rebound tenderness? When pressing deeply into the abdominal cavity and then quickly releasing, allowing the abdominal wall to rebound back to its original position.
What is the Valsalva maneuver is used to _________________. provoke an increase in pain or mass protrusion if significant intra-abdominal trauma has occurred.
What is the largest lymphatic organ? Spleen
The sagittal plane motion assesses __________________. range of motion and limitations and associated findings in the sagittal plane.
The frontal plane motion assesses ___________________. range of motion limitations and associated findings in the frontal plane.
Transverse plane motion assesses __________________. range of motion limitations and associated findings in the tranverse plane.
How do you evaluate transverse plane motion? The athlete stands and slowly rotates the trunk to the right as far as possible. Then rotate to the extreme left.
How do you evaluate frontal plane motion? The athlete should stand, and slowly laterally flex the trunk to the right as far as possible. Then the athlete laterally flexes the trunk through the neutral standing position to the far left.
How do you evaluate sagittal plane motion? The athlete stands and slowly flexes the trunk to the point where the hands touch the toes or the floor. Ask the athlete to slowly return from full trunk extension.
What sounds are made during a percussion test? tympany, dullness, and hyperresonance
The hollow organs consist of ____, ____, ____, ____, and ____. -Stomach -Gall bladder -Urinary bladder -Intestines -Vessels
What is dyspnea? The shortness of breath
The solid organs consist of the ____, ___, ___, and ___. -Speen -Liver -Kidneys -Pancreas
What is the right upper quadrant consist of? liver and adrenal glands, gallbladder, pylorus of the stomach, head of pancreas, portion of colon, and small intestine. The right kidney is located posteriorly.
What is the left upper quadrant consist of? stomach, spleen, and adrenal gland, portion of the pancreas, portion of colon, and small intestine. The left kidney is located posteriorly
What is the right lower quadrant consist of? appendix, portion of the small and large intestine, portion of the colon, and structures of the urinary and reproductive systems
What is the left lower quadrant consist of? portion of the small and large intestine, portion of the colon, and structures of the urinary and reproductive system.
What is Palpation? The use of hands to examine a body part.
Name the 3 signs of acute abdomen injury rebound tenderness, rigidity, and guarding
What is the heel pound test with hip and knee in full extension, tap heel to increase pain in abdomen.
Iliopsoas test is _________________ the moving of the leg into hip flexion which causes abdomen pain
What is the obturator test with hip and knee in 90 degree flexion, internal and external rotation of the hip will cause abdomen pain
What's the sagittal plane? bisecting into right and left halves
What's the transverse plane? bisecting the body into upper and lower halves
What's the frontal plane? bisecting the body into front and back halves
An anterior/posterior compression test should elicit pain if there is a fracture in the rib cage or a muscle contusion or spasm. True or False ? False. Pain will only be inflicted if there is a fracture in the rib cage.
Give an example of movement in the transverse plane torso rotation
Give an example of movement in the sagittal plane torso flexion / extension
GIve an example of movement in the frontal plane torso lateral flexion
Created by: mhtgroup
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