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BCT 2.01 to 2.04

technology issues

Address bar Contains the URL or address of the active Web page; also where you type the location for the Web page you want to visit.
Address book Where you keep a list of your e-mail contacts.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) A computer science field that tries to improve computers by endowing them with some of the characteristics associated with human intelligences, such as the capability to understand natural language and to reason under conditions of uncertainty.
Biometric security measures Using the examination of a fingerprint, a voice pattern, or the iris or retina of the eye. These must match the entry that was originally stored in the system for an employee. This method of security is usually used when high
Bookmark Site or location that you have specially marked so you can locate it again.
Boolean logic Another way that you can search databases. This works on a similar principle as search engine math, but has a little more power. Boolean logic consists of three Boolean operators: AND, NOT, and OR.
Browser A software program that you use to retrieve documents from the World Wide Web.
Computer crimes A criminal act that is committed through the use of a computer. It can also involve the theft of a
Computer fraud Conduct that involves the manipulation of a computer or computer data in order to dishonestly obtain money, property or value, or to cause loss.
Digital cash Allows someone to pay by transmitting a number from one computer to another. The digital cash numbers are issued by a bank and represent a specified sum of real money; each number is unique.
Distance learning Using technology as a medium for schooling or learning.
Domain name The portion of a website name that identifies the type of site.
File transfer protocol An Internet standard that allows users to download and upload files with other computers on the Internet.
Hacking Involves invading someone else’s computer, usually for personal gain or just the satisfaction of being able to invade someone else’s computer. Hackers are usually computer experts who enjoy having the power to invade someone else’s privacy.
History A display of a record of all the sites you visited in the last 20 days.
Hits The number of returns on your keywords during a search on the web.
Home page The first page that’s displayed when you launch your browser.
Hyperlinks An area on a web page that, when highlighted and clicked on, will take you to another location on the web.
Hypertext markup language This text
Keywords Describes the information you are trying to locate while searching for data on the web.
Logic bomb Computer virus which is triggered by the appearance or disappearance of specified data.
Math symbols One key symbol used to abbreviate words such as and/or. You can use math symbols in a search on the web to help focus the search.
Newsgroup A discussion forum or a type of bulletin board. Each “board” is dedicated to discussion on a particular topic.
Protocols A standard format for transferring data between two devices. TCP/IP is the agreed upon international standard for transmitting data.
Related search Pre
Search engine Another Internet tool to help you locate information on the Internet.
Shareware Software you can use for free for a specified period to try it out. If you decide that you like it and it meets your needs, you are suppose to pay for it.
Simulation Models a real
Software piracy Illegal copying and using software.
Spider A search engine robot that searches the Internet for the keywords. It feeds the pages it finds to the search engine. It is called a spider because it crawls the Web continually examining Web sites and finding and looking for links.
Subject directories A method for searching for information on the WWW.
Time bomb Computer virus that does not cause its damage until a certain date or until the system has been booted a certain number of times.
Trojan horse Computer virus that does something different from what it is expected to do. It may look like it is doing one thing while in actuality it is doing something quite opposite (usually something disastrous).
Toolbar An area on the screen where icons (little pictures) of commonly used commands are displayed.
URL Universal Resource Locator. Also known as the web site address.
Usenet A worldwide network of computers that facilitates the transmission of messages among the news servers.
Virtual reality An artificial environment that appears to feel like a real environment.
WebQuest A type of activity that uses the Internet for investigation and problem solving.
Web server Displays Web pages and renders them into final form so that they can be viewed by anyone with an Internet connection and a Web browser.
Wildcard character The * symbol or asterisk is considered a wildcard character. If you don’t know the spelling of a word or you want to search plurals or variations of a word, use the wildcard character.
World Wide Web A subset or an application that makes use of the Internet. The Internet can exist without the Web, but the Web cannot exist without the Internet.
Worm A type of computer virus that makes many copies of itself resulting in the consumption of system resources which slows down or actually halt tasks.
Computer-based learning Using a computer as a tutor.
Electronic mail The capability to send a message from one person’s computer to another person’s computer where it is stored until read by the receiving person.
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