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J Other Acids


as in acetic acid, a diluted form of which is vinegar. acetic
denoting the carboxylic acid RCO-: ACYLS. acyl
of fat, only in adipic acid. adipic
of or pertaining to ALDEHYDE; as, aldehydic acid. aldehydic
as in alginic acid, an acid obtained from certain seaweeds. alginic
of or derived from ANISE; as, anisic acid. anisic
concentrated nitric acid, used for etching: AQUAFORTISES. aquafortis
as in arachidonic acid, an unsaturated fatty acid occurring in animal cells. arachidonic+
antiscorbutic, as in ascorbic acid, vitamin C. ascorbic
nitrous; as in azotous acid. azotous
applied to an acid got from malonic acid and urea, a source of important sedatives. barbituric
as in benzoic acid, an acid found in benzoin and other gums. benzoic
of or relating to borax or boron, as in boracic acid; (coll.) skint. boracic
as in boric acid, an acid obtained from borax. boric
as in bromic acid, an acid obtained from bromine. bromic
as in butyric acid, an acid found in butter. butyric
applied to a type of fatty acid, found in butter and having a goatlike smell. capric
applied to a second type of fatty acid, found in butter and having a goatlike smell. caproic
applied to a third type of fatty acid, found in butter and having a goatlike smell. caprylic
pertaining to an acid so called. carbamic
phenol: CARBOLICS. [L. carbo, coal + oleum, oil]. carbolic
as in caseic acid, an acid found in cheese. caseic
one of the tannic acids, extracted from CATECHU as a white, crystalline substance. catechin
as in cerotic acid, an acid found in beeswax and certain fats. cerotic
as in chloric acid, an acid derived from chlorine. chloric
relating to bile, as in cholic acid, an acid found in bile. cholic
as in citric acid, an acid derived from citrus fruits. citric
as in cresylic acid, an acid found in CRESOL, a compound found in tar and creosote. cresylic
as in crotonic acid, a colourless acid. crotonic+
of or belonging to cyanogen, as in cyanic acid, an acid composed of cyanogen, oxygen and hydrogen. cyanic
as in cytidylic acid, a nucleotide that is found in DNA. cytidylic+
as in decanoic acid. decanoic+
as in dioxonitric acid, the systematic name of nitrous acid. dioxonitric+
as in dithionous acid. dithionous+
as in dodecanoic acid, a crystalline fatty acid occurring as glycerides in natural fats and oils (especially coconut oil and palm-kernel oil). dodecanoic+
pertaining to, or derived from, gallnuts or gallic acid; as, ELLAGIC acid. ellagic
pertaining to, or derived from, ERGOT; as, ergotic acid. ergotic
as in erucic acid, a crystalline fatty acid. erucic+
denoting a type of acid, aka acetic acid. ethanoic+
of iron; containing iron in its trivalent form, as in ferric acid, a hypothetical acid. ferric
folic acid. folacin
as in folic acid, an acid in the vitamin B complex. folic+
as in formic acid, an acid found in ants. formic
as in fumaric acid, an acid which occurs in fumitory and other plants. fumaric
as in gallic acid, a crystalline substance present in gallnuts, tea, and various plants. gallic
pertaining to, or derived from, GLYCOL; as in glycolic acid. glycolic
as in guanylic acid. guanylic+
as in hexanoic acid, an insoluble oily carboxylic acid. hexanoic+
as in hippuric acid, an acid obtained from the urine of horses. hippuric
as in humic acid, an acid pertaining to, or derived from, vegetable mould. humic
as in hyaluronic acid, a viscous polysaccharide with important lubricating properties, present, for example, in the synovial fluid in joints. hyaluronic+
an oxygen-less acid. hydracid
as in hydrazoic acid, a colourless highly explosive liquid. hydrazoic+
pertaining to, or derived from, hydrogen and iodine, esp. of hydriodic acid. hydriodic
applied to an acid composed of hydrogen and chlorine, hydrogen chloride, still sometimes called MURIATIC acid. hydrochloric
as in hydrocyanic acid, a deadly posion, aka PRUSSIC acid. hydrocyanic
as in hydrofluoric acid, a strong acid used for etching glass. hydrofluoric
excessively acid. hyperacid
having a lower than normal degree of acidity. hypoacid
pertaining to iodine, as applied to an acid. iodic
as in isocyanic acid, a hypothetical acid known only in the form of its compounds. isocyanic+
as in itaconic acid, a white crystalline carboxylic acid. itaconic+
pertaining to, or derived from, a KETONE; as, a ketonic acid. ketonic
as in lactic acid, that accumulates during exercise causing fatigue. lactic
as in lauric acid, aka DODECANOIC acid. lauric+
as in linoleic acid, a colourless oily essential fatty acid found in linseed. linoleic+
as in linolenic acid, a colourless unsaturated fatty acid. linolenic+
as in lipoic acid, a sulphur-containing fatty acid. lipoic+
as in lysergic acid, a compound used in medicine. lysergic+
as in maleic acid, an acid of the ethylene series. maleic
as in malic acid, an acid obtained from apple juice. malic
as in malonic acid. malonic+
of manganese of higher valency, as in manganic acid. manganic
as in meconcic acid, an acid obtained from poppies. meconic
as in metavanadic acid, an acid of vanadium. metavanadic+
a compound having one hydrogen atom replaceable by a negative or acid atom or radical. monacid monoacid
designating a compound having one hydrogen atom replaceable by a negative or acid atom or radical. monacidic+
as in mucic acid, a colourless crystalline solid carboxylic acid. mucic+
as in muriatic acid, an old name for hydrochloric acid. muriatic
as in myristic acid, a fatty acid derived from nutmegs. myristic
as in naphthalic acid, an acid derived from naphthalene. naphthalic
containing nitrogen, as in nitric acid, a strong mineral acid. nitric
pertaining to a class of acids. nitrolic
as in nitrous acid. nitrous
a substance destitute of acid properties: NONACIDS. nonacid
not acidic. nonacidic
as in nonanoic acid, a colourless fatty acid. nonanoic+
as in nucleic acid, important in genetics. nucleic+
fuming sulphuric acid: OLEUMS or OLEA. oleum
pertaining to, or designating, ORSEILLE, as in orsellic acid, an acid found in certain lichens. orsellic
as in orthoboric acid, a white or colorless slightly acid. orthoboric+
as in osmic acid, a supposed acid, a compound of osmium. osmic
as in oxalic acid, an acid obtained from wood sorrel and other plants, used for cleaning metals and as a bleaching agent. oxalic
an acid containing oxygen. oxyacid
as in palmitic acid, a saturated fatty acid. palmitic+
as in pelargonic acid, an oily fatty acid obtained esp from the leaves of plants of the Pelargonium genus (aka NONANOIC acid). pelargonic+
as in pentanoic acid. pentanoic+
pertaining to, or designating, the highest oxygen acid (HClO4), of chlorine; aka HYPERCHLORIC. perchloric
applied to an acid and its anhydride containing more oxygen than manganic acid and anhydride. permanganic
containing phosphates; as in phosphatic acid. phosphatic
as in phosphonic acid, the same as phosphorous acid. phosphonic+
of, relating to, or containing phosphorus, as in phosphoric or phosphorous acid, a weak acid used in soft drinks. phosphoric phosphorous
pertaining to, or designating, a dibasic acid obtained by the oxidation of naphthalene and allied substances. phthalic
pertaining to, or designating, a strong organic acid (called picric acid), intensely bitter. picric
as in piperic acid, an acid obtained from piperine, an alkaloid found in black pepper. piperic
designating a compound with more than one acidic group; esp. an acid containing polymeric anions. No -S. polyacid
as in propanoic acid, a colourless carboxylic acid. propanoic+
as in propenoic acid, a colourless carboxylic acid. propenoic+
as in propinoic acid, a former name of propanoic acid. propionic+
as in prussic acid, another name for hydrocyanic acid, a deadly poison. prussic
a compound which is not an acid but which is isomeric with and transformable into an acid. pseudoacid
as in pyruvic acid, an organic acid, an intermediate in the metabolism of proteins and carbohydrates. pyruvic+
as in quinic acid, an acid derived from cinchona bark. quinic
as in racemic acid, an acid obtained from a certain kind of grape. racemic
pertaining to, or designating, an acid which forms a red color with ferric salts. rhodanic
relating to castor oil, as in ricinoleic, an oily acid obtained from castor oil. ricinoleic
as in salicylic acid, a bitter-tasting derivative of phenol that is used in making aspirin and dyes and as a fungicide. salicylic
as in santalic acid, an acid obtained from sandalwood as a resinous or red crystalline dyestuff, aka SANTALIN. santalic
santalic acid. santalin
a native boric acid. sassolin sassolite
of or like SEBUM, as in sebacic acid. sebacic
as in selenic acid, an acid containing selenium in higher valency. selenic
as in selenious or selenous acid, an acid containing selenium in lowers valency. selenious selenous
relating to or obtained from silica; as, silicic acid. silicic
as in sorbic acid, an acid obtained from the rowanberry, used in food preservation. sorbic
as in suberic acid, an acid obtained by the action of nitric acid on cork. suberic
as in succinic acid, an acidd derived from amber. succinic
as in sulphonic acid, a strong organic acid. sulphonic+
as in sulphuric acid, an acid derived from sulphur. sulphuric
as in stannic acid, an acid containing tin its its quadrivalent state. stannic
of or containing tantalum, esp. in a higher valency, as in tantalic acid. tantalic
as in tartaric acid, an acid derived from TARTAR. tartaric
as in terebic acid, an acid obtained from TEREBENE. terebic
a substance capable of neutralizing four molecules of a monobasic acid. tetracid
containing or derived from sulphur, as in thionic acid. thionic
as in tiglic acid, a colourless unsaturated carboxylic acid. tiglic+
of or containing toluene, as in toluic acid. toluic
designating a certain thionic acid. trithionic
as in uric acid, an acid found in urine. uric
as in valeric acid, a fatty acid. valeric
as in valproic acid, a synthetic crystalline compound. valproic+
to treat with sulfuric acid: VITRIOLS, VITRIOLING or VITRIOLLING, VITRIOLED or VITRIOLLED. vitriol
relating to XENON, as in xenic acid. xenic
relating to xylem; designating any of six acids, derivatives of XYLENE. xylic
designating an acid obtained by oxidising XYLOSE. xylonic
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