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J Amino Acids


an amino acid, a common constituent of proteins. alanin alanine
one of the essential amino acids. arginine
an amino acid found in asparagus and other vegetables. asparagine
as in aspartic acid, an amino acid found in young sugar-cane, etc, and formed by the hydrolysis of ASPARAGINE. aspartic+
a combination of amino acids. bombesin
an amino acid formed as an intermediate in the production of urea. citrulline
an amino acid that oxidizes to CYSTINE. cystein cysteine
relating to CYSTEINE. cysteinic+
the dimer resulting from oxidation of the amino acid CYSTEINE, that forms a disulphide bridge in proteins, esp. KERATIN. cystine
to remove the amino acid from a compound. N.B. there is no AMINATE*, AMINISE* or AMINIZE*. deaminate deaminise+ deaminize+
a PEPTIDE formed by the combination of two amino acids. dipeptide
a naturally-occurring amino acid, a form of which, L-dopa, is used in the treatment of Parkinson's disease. dopa
an amino acid. ethionine
as in glutamic acid, an important amino acid, a constituent of most proteins. glutamic+ glutaminic+
a neutral amino acid found in proteins. glutamine
the simplest amino acid, present in proteins, a sweetish colourless crystalline solid first prepared from glue, formerly known as GLYCOCOLL. glycin glycine
another name for GLYCINE. glycocoll
an amino acid found in proteins. histidin histidine
an amino acid. hydroxyproline
an essential amino acid. isoleucine
an essential amino-acid, a product of protein hydrolysis. leucin leucine
an amino acid. lysine
an essential sulphur-bearing amino acid. methionine
an amino acid obtained from penicillins, used especially in the treatment of cystinuria, rheumatoid arthritis, and poisoning by metals (as copper or lead). penicillamine
any of a number of substances formed from amino acids in which the amino group of one is joined to the carboxyl group of another. peptid peptide
relating to a PEPTIDE, a combination of amino acids. peptidic
an essential amino-acid present in most proteins. phenylalanin phenylalanine
an amino acid commonly occurring in proteins. proline
a polar amino acid found in protein and synthesized in the body. serine
an essential amino acid. threonine
an essential amino acid. tryptophan tryptophane
an amino acid formed by decomposition of proteins, first obtained from cheese. tyrosine
an amino acid essential to health and growth in humans and vertebrate animals. valine
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