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J Vegetables


a kind of bean, an Oriental food plant. adzuki aduki+ adsuki+ azuki+
an umbelliferous plant, the stems of which were formerly eaten as CELERY is now. Pl. ALEXANDERSES. alexanders
an umbelliferous South American food-plant with edible tubers. arracacha
a thistlelike perennial plant with large fleshy scaly head and bracts and edible receptacle; the grey-green flower-head of this, served as a vegetable. artichoke
a Mediterranean plant used in salads. arugola rucola rugola arugula
any plant of the Asparagus genus of Liliaceae, one species having young shoots eaten as a delicacy. asparagus
the egg-shaped fruit of an Asian annual plant, eaten as a vegetable. aubergine
(dial.) a turnip. bagie+
an aboriginal American name for the sweet potato. batata
a variety of lettuce with smooth green leaves. batavia+
the name of several kinds of leguminous plants and their seeds; (verb) to strike on the head. bean
like a bean. beanlike
the stem of a bean plant. beanstalk
a plant of the goosefoot family, with a red or white succulent root, used as food (red) and as a source of sugar (white); (verb) to improve or mend, esp. a fire. beet
the dark-red root of the beet plant eaten as a vegetable. beetroot
another name for OKRA. Pl. BENDYS. bendy
OKRA as used in Indian cookery. bhindi
a sweet potato. boniato+
a brassicaceous plant of many varieties. [Du. boerenkool, peas cabbage]. borecole
as in borlotti bean, a kind of kidney bean. No -S. borlotti+
a cruciferous plant of the genus Brassica, which includes cabbage, turnip, rape, etc. [L. brassica, cabbage]. brassica
the edible root of a leguminous plant, found near the Rocky Mountains, aka prairie turnip. breadroot
in India, the aubergine or egg-plant. brinjal
a leguminous vegetable. broadbean+
a plant of the Cabbage species, resembling the cauliflower. broccoli brocoli
a vegetable of the Cruciferae family; (verb) to steal or purloin, orig. of tailors who took small pieces of customer's cloth as a perquisite. cabbage
like a cabbage. No comp! cabbagy cabbagey+
a variety of sprouting BROCCOLI. calabrese
a kind of PULSE. calavancecaravance
in W. Indies, a yam or sweet potato. camote
the white haricot beans used in French and Italian cooking. canellini cannellini
see CALAVANCE. caravance
a plant of the Umbelliferae family, having an edible tapering root of a reddish or yellowish colour. carrot
like or tasting of carrot: CARROTIER, CARROTIEST. carroty
a cabbage stock. castock custock
a variety of cabbage with a white, closely-packed, flower-head, eaten as a vegetable. cauliflower
a vegetable, celery with a turnip-like root. celeriac
an umbelliferous plant whose blanched leafstalks are eaten cooked or uncooked as a vegetable. celery
the edible leafstalk of a variety of white BEET. chard
a tropical American cucurbitaceous plant, aka CHOKO or CHOCHO; its edible fruit eaten as a vegetable. [Sp. f. Nahuatl chayotli.] chayote
a variety of onion, aka spring onion. chibol cibol ciboule.
the chick-pea. Pl. CHICHES. chich
a dwarf pea grown for food esp. in Asia. chickpea
the shoot of the chicory plant, eaten like lettuce. chicon
see CHICON. chicory
the fruit of a tropical vine, similar to cucumber and eaten as a vegetable in the W Indies and Australia. choko chocho
a cabbage; an ornamental soft rosette; a cream bun. Pl. CHOUX. chou
pickled cabbage. choucroute
see CHIBOL. cibol
see CHIBOL. ciboule
the TARO or other edible araceous tuber. Pl. COCCOS. cocco
a tropical tuber. cocoyam
a variety of cabbage cultivated for its seeds, which yield an oil valued for illuminating and lubricating purposes. [Du. koolzaad, cabbage seed]. colza
a small gherkin. cornichon+
a kind of lettuce. Pl. COSES. cos
a small variety of vegetable marrow, aka ZUCCHINI. courgette
a name for many pungent-leaved cruciferous plants of various genera often used as a culinary garnish and in salads. cress
like CRESS. cressy+
a variety of lettuce. crisphead+
cabbage cut fine and allowed to ferment in a brine made of its own juice with salt, aka SAUERKRAUT. crout
a variety of pepper. cubanelle+
a climbing plant of the Cucurbitaceae, with bristly lobed leaves and tendrils; its long cylindrical fruit, used as a salad vegetable and pickle. cucumber
a cucumber. cuke
see CASTOCK. custock
an Indian name for a lentil. dahl dal dhal dholl
a long white root vegetable similar to a RADISH. daikon
see DAHL.. dal
the TARO, a kind of yam. dasheen
see DAHL. dhal
see DHAL. dholl
a long-podded leguminous plant allied to the HARICOT. [Gk. dolichos, long]. Pl. DOLICHOSES. dolichos
an early potato: Pl. EARLIES. early
another name for TARO a kind of yam. Pl. EDDOES. eddo
the AUBERGINE. eggplant
a salad plant of the chicory genus. endive
lentil-meal. ervalenta revalenta
a wavy-leafed salad plant of the ENDIVE family. escarole
an onion with garlic-flavoured bulbs. eschalot shallot shalot
a broad bean. fava
one of the young unfurling fronds of ferns that are sometimes eaten as a vegetable. fiddlehead fiddleneck+
the kidney bean. Pl. in both cases FRIJOLES not FRIJOLS*. frijol frijole
a variety of curly ENDIVE. frisee
a chickpea. Pl. GARBANZOS. garbanzo
a kind of small, prickly cucumber, much used for pickles. gherkin girkin
green vegetables. greenstuff
a legume grown for forage and its seeds which yield guar gum. guar
another name for OKRA. gumbo
a kind of bean or pea. haricot
a variety of broad bean. horsebean
an onion. ingan
Spring onions. No JIBBON*. jibbons+
an edible starchy tuberous root of a leguminous tropical American vine. jicama
a hardy cabbage-like vegetable. kale
(Maori) a kind of marrow found in New Zealand. kamokamo+ kumikumi+
a variety of cabbage. Pl. KOHLRABIES or KOHLRABIS. kohlrabi
the sweet potato. kumara kumera+
a tropical bean with edible pods. lablab
a vegetable of the onion genus. leek
the fruit or edible portion of any leguminous plant (bean, pea, etc.) grown for food. legume
a leguminous annual plant common near the Mediterranean; its small, flattish, round seed, orange or brown, used for food. lentil
a composite plant with milky juice, or one of many varieties, whose leaves are used for salad. lettuce
a kind of bean. lima
a plant of the manioc genus whose roots yield a nourishing starch; cassava. mandioc manihoc manihot manioc manioca
a variety of BEET. mangel mangold
a type of pea cooked and eaten together with its pod; aka snow peas. mangetout
see MANGEL. mangold
see MANDIOC. manihoc
see MANDIOC. manihot
see MANDIOC. manioc
see MANDIOC. manioca
a variety of pumpkin cooked as a vegetable; (verb) to be a companion to. marrow
a rich but late variety of pea. marrowfat
an aubergine. melongene+
a variety of lettuce with crisp green leaves. mizuna+
an E. African vegetable like a radish. Pl. MOOLIS. mooli
(coll.) a potato. murphy
a rape or coleseed with a carrot-shaped root; a wild Swedish turnip. navew
a turnip. neep
a tropical plant of the mallow family, with edible pods. okra
like an onion: ONIONIER, ONIONIEST. oniony
(Irish) a cabbage. pamphrey+
a parsnip. parsnep
an umbelliferous plant or its edible carrot-like root. parsnip
the nutritious seed of certain papilionaceous climbing plants. pea
the pod of the pea. peacod peapod peascod peasecod
like a pea. pealike
see PEACOD. peapod
see PEACOD. peascod
see PEACOD. peasecod
chinese cabbage. petsai
(Spanish) a variety of sweet red pepper. piquilio+
a dark green, moderately hot CHILI used in Mexican cooking. poblano+
pease. pousse
a potato. pratie praty
a plant of the bean family. psoralea
the seeds of leguminous plants as food collectively, beans, peas, lentils, etc; (verb) to beat, throb. pulse
a purple-leaved variety of chicory from Italy. Pl. RADICCHIOS. radicchio
a plant of the genus Raphanus; its pungent root, eaten raw as a salad vegetable. radish
immature turnip plants. rapini rappini
see ERVALENTA. revalenta
a cruciferous salad plant of Mediterranean origin. rocket
a type of lettuce. romaine
a large variety of garden pea. rounceval
see ARUGOLA. rucola
see ARUGOLA. rugola
the wild radish. runch
a root vegetable like a swede. [Swed. dialect rotabagge]. rutabaga
herbs and vegetables for salad. salading
the oyster plant or vegetable oyster, a purple-flowered European composite plant cultivated for its edible root tasting like oysters, and its tender spring shoots boiled like asparagus. salsify
cabbage cut fine and allowed to ferment in a brine made of its own juice with salt. sauerkraut
a kind of cabbage. savoy
an onion with a slim bulb; a leek. scallion
see ESCHALOT. shallot
see ESCHALOT. shalot
wild celery. smallage
a bean produced by an eastern Asiatic plant. soybean
a plant of the goosefoot family; its young leaves used as a vegetable. spinach spinage
resembling spinach. spinachy
see SPINACH. spinage
a very thin, inferior asparagus. sprew sprue
a Swedish turnip, a large buff-flowered, glaucous-leaved kind with yellow flesh. swede
a sweet variety of maize; the yellow kernels of this, eaten as a vegetable. sweetcorn
a CIBOL, a spring onion. Pl. of SYBO is SYBOES. sybo syboe sybow
a kind of yam, aka DASHEEN, EDDO. Pl. TAROS. taro
a potato. tater
a potato. tatie
(Chinese) a variety of Chinese cabbage. tatsoi+
a potato. tattie
(Scots) a turnip. [Chambers says 'often humorous': I love the idea of one Scot saying TUMSHIE and all the others falling about laughing: who said the Scots didn't have a sense of humour?] tumshie
a vegetable: pl. VEGES; (verb) to laze about, to engage in mindless activity: VEGGES, VEGGED, VEGGING. veg
a plant or part of one used for food, other than those considered to be fruits. vegetable
an edible seed that can be soaked and used as a salad vegetable. wakane
a kind of CHICORY with white leaves. witloof
a variety of beet. [Ger. Wurzel, root]. wurzel
a large tuberous edible root like the potato, grown in tropical countries. yam
a courgette. Pl. ZUCCHINIS. zucchini
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