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"4S" Chocolate Fever

Chapters 7-9

appeal the power to attract or be of interest
fresh someone acting rudely; smart mouth
revolting making someone feel sick; unpleasant; disgusting
grief a feeling of great sadness that lasts for a long while
miserable very unhappy; uncomfortable for a period of time
coveralls protective clothing that is worn over other clothing
unique special; the only one of its kind
bluff to mislead or deceive; to fake
prod to push against gently
desolate lonely; miserable; deserted
perch an elevated place serving as a seat
irresistible impossible to stay away from
route a path that people followed as they traveled from one place to another
vessel a ship or large boat
glum gloomy; to show disappointment
rafter a sloping beam or board supporting a roof
Created by: Satanta