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Africa Bantu


Where was the original homeland in niger just off the coast in the little bend
when did they start moving out of the homeland 500 bce
how did they start after dispersing they lived in scattered villages and farmed root crops and fished
where did they go Angola Namibia and settled into eastern africa
Who's farming did they adopt in the east and what did they farm The cushtitic speaking peoples and they farmed millet and sorghum herding cattle sheep and goats
what type of agriculture did they practice slash and burn
Where did they end up all over africa south of where they started
What can be said of great zimbabwe they were a highly sophisticated culture that built large walls with no mortar
Who "discovered zimbabwe and who did he say it belonged to Mauk said it was built by the pheonicians because the cedar wood supports matched the wood in his pencil
What was gertrude cation thompsons conclusion she said that the bantu built it and colonial europeans hated the idea
What happened to the people of Mapungupwe remains a mystery
what does zimbabwe mean great house of stone
What did the tower in great zimbabwe represent graneries
what was the currency of great zimbabwe cattle, gold ivory
Created by: plaskoyellow