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TAG Creationmyth

Flash cards to prepare for final exam

In one sentence, what is the theme of the poem? Add 2 quotes illustrating this theme. Imagination can lead you to danger. "In that huge dark, things that usually stayed put might get around, as fish in pond or slue get loose in flood." "...until his steps reached something really to fear: the quarry pool."
What is the POV of the poem? INclude at least 2 Quotes from the poem that illustrate the POV. Third person omniscient. "Mornings, they went up the hill to work..." "He knew where McKinley was, though McKinley didn't.
What is the perspective? Add 2 quotes illustrated the perspective. Add 2 quotes illustrating the perspective. Mostly Bill over McKinley. "Amused, Bill smoked his smoke, and listened." "He knew where Mckinley was, though McKinley didn't."
Adopt a different POV & list it. Rewrite a portion of the poem. "McKinley continued to wonder around in his state of panic. He hoped and prayed that he would soon see the lights from the house and make his way home, but all he could was darkness. Just when he thought he was lost forever, he heard a voice, "McKenley!"
How is the theme different from the original? Explain. I don't think this would change it too much. Mckenley's imagination still would have lead him astray.
Created by: MattSharp