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Computer Sem1 Exam!

/* */ multi line comment
// single line comment
case Sensitive MATTERS when you use upper or lower case
changes the angle of the movie clip? _rotation
Comment there to explain how the program woks
compiler program that xhanges hugh level lanuage into machine language
concatenate combines 2 strings together (+)
debugging identifies and fices problem - Sintex (written worng)
dynamic changes
static stays the same
executes every time it comes into the frame (enterFrame) associated with onClipEvent
executes once onClipLoad (starts it) --- initatlizes it --- (=) starts the value
generate -20 to 20 _root.ship._rotation = random (40) + 20
increment increase in value
instance instance of the object in the library (in-name = able to be identified with actions)
locates the movie from 0-19 on the x-coord. random commanded. _root.ship._x + = random(20);
makes the moviei clip invisible? _root.ship.visible = 0;
name = "Mulitline"; assigning string variable to string
numeric variable? x=1 (example)
plays sounds? _root.shoot.start();
sets score to 0? score = 0;
string? "__"
string variable? ?
Trace displays value within () in output window
.swg executable
.fla program version
2 commands that change position? _x and _y
change size? (2) _xscale and _yscale
what command makes you see through things? _alpha
input? textbox; allows user to out it in in the movie
Initalization. example x-5; // - assignment stament
incrementation. example? x ++; (added one) // incrmentation to increase in value
incrementations by 20? x + = 20
name = "Bob" // string - series of characters in quotes---- "green" --- trace(name)
output window? debugging tool
when you trace something, where does it show up? output window
_root.ship._rotation = random(40) + - 20; // random 41 generates 0-40 -20 ---> -20 to 20
Created by: Ktfic