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computer terminology

Satellite Service can be used where? where there is no phone or cellular
Satellite services needs what 2 things to work? satellite and modem
WLAN wireless local area network
WLAN connects to __ first before connecting to the Internet NIC or LAN
WLAN needs what to work a wireless access point
Hot spots unencrypted areas
OS use what to coordinate activites. interrupt requests
File software that controls hardware drive
memory address location of slot on chip on RAM like a PO Box #
ROM non-volatile, basic input/output, start up instructions
RAM volatile, has memory addresses, quick and temp hold data, uses while comp's on
flash memory uses physical on/off switches
WWAN wireless wide area network
WWAN uses what? radio, cellular sites satellites, antenna
WWAN can use what? ISP
PC connects to internet using what? ISP/ cable co
Network interface card makes a port, controls data flow
Gateways are needed for what? connection of 2 diff networks
Digital connections require what modem
3 types of digital connections DSL, wireless, cable
Analog connection = ? and uses? dial up, # from ISP
user interface set of items on screen
2 types of user interface graphical, command line
system call provides what? access to OS service
OLE object linking and embedding, data copy has same format as orig
OS jobs (4) provides user interface, runs prog, manages hardware devices, manages data storage and access
How does OS manage hardware device by being the intermediate device
OS services (5) saving a file, opening files, sending doc to printer, allocating and managing RAM, recognizing input
4 ways to make disk run faster clean up temp files, scan 4 errors, defrag, file compression
file compression uses what kind of file archive
fragmentation noncontinous sectors that slows performance
defragmentation putting files on cont. sectors
cd rom read only
cd-r can write 1x
cd-rw rewrittable but not for all players
dvd-ram rewritable
zip drives are what type of disk high capacity
tape drives are what kind of device sequential access device
IMG SRC "....gif" img=start name, src=attribute name, ""=att tag
spooling mult users send jobs to printer
prog for mult users site license, network versions
site license purchased to install prog on certain #
types of biz level e-commerce intranet, extranet, telecommunications
cookie sm file of ur info
modulation digital to analog comm. then to phone
demodulation analog to digital
spoof false email return address
key loggers record ind. keystokes
browser hijackers diff default homepage
bus types system, expansion
system bus connects CPU to motherboard items
bus group of parallel wires that run by components
bandwidth amt of data that the network media can carry
wireless types WWAN, LWAN, satellite service
parts of an element start tag, text, end tag
html hypertext markup lang
2 html structures element, attribute
element describes parts of an html doc
attribute defines prop of elements
common networks -3 WAN, LAN, HAN
network structures -3 server, client/server, peer 2 peer
formatting makes tracks and sectors on both sides
3 storing data technologies optical, solid, magnetic
solid storing data tech memory chips with no moving parts
types of solid storing data tech and if its non-volatile or volatile flash mem(non), smartcards (non), solid state( vol).
optical storing tech uses what to represent 1's? 0's? pits and lands
how do pits work they scatter light so it never reaches the sensor thus 0
how do lands work the light reflects to sensor
whats the most common file system FAT
cluster size of data that OS sees as 1 unit
boot sector file system prog runs when comp 1st starts up
file allocation table file system logs files
root folder file system directory (A or C)/ topmost folder
data area file system data stored here
virtual memory space on hard drive to back up RAM
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