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english III-H

english III-H mid-term

hale can be described as a respected witch hunter
who is tituba paris' black servant
what did the girls do in the woods conjured spirits
what is the innappropriate relationship abigail williams is having she is sleeping with proctor
what gift does elizabeth receive a poppet
how does sarah good get away with not being sentenced to death by hanging while goody osburn is she confesses to being a witch
how is reverend paris pervied he is caught up in his reputation
"because it is my name! because i cannot have another in my life! because i lie and sign myseld to lies! because i am not worth the dust on the feet of them that hang! how may i live wihtout my name? i hav given you "my soul; leave me my name!!" proctor; hale and judge danforth are trying to get him to hand over the sheet of paper he signed saying he confessed to being a witch but he doesnt want to give up his name so easily
if you were elizabeth proctor, would you confess to being a witch? explain. yes...
what was irving's most creative pseudonym dedrick knickerbocker
the setting of the devil and tom walker is forest
tom's relationship with his wife aweful; spiteful
tom and his wife met the devil
poe was taken in by john allen
how does the narrator feel about the old man's eye(tell tale heart) he despises it and feels it should die
what were poe's life circumstaces and why did he create such an unusual character he had an unstable family life, was depressed after his wife died(his second cousin) and began to drink. he created such unusual characters because thats just how his mind worked.
the setting of "the raven" dreary, bleak december
what does the narrator of the raven struggle with the loss of lenore, his love
explain the conflict in the raven man vs. self; he missed the love of his lfe and is trying to justify the fact that he will see her again by talking to this demon bird
list 6 main events in "the raven" 1)narrator reads by the fire 2)he whispers "lenore" into the hall 3)he hears something at the window 4)the raven comes in and perches above the door 5)the narrator questions the bird 6)it only answers "nevermore"
"and the only word there spoken was the whispered word "lenore?" this i whispered, and echo murmured back the word "Lenore!"" the narrator looked into the the darkness and wished for lenore
describe usher's condition he is suffering from hypocondria
describe 2 symbols and their meanings in "the fall of the house of usher" 1)the vacant, eyelike windows of ther house show the loss of hope and the emptiness 2)the inverted reflection of the house in the dying pond is foreshadowing of the fact that the house would soon actually be in the pond
what happens on the final night of the narrator's stay madeline gets out of the casket and scares everyone
what happens to the house as the narrator flees it crumbles and falls into the lake
what were the names of the fireside poets 1)James Russell Lowell 2)william cullen bryant 3)oliver wendel holmes 4)john greenleaf whittier 5)henry wadsworth longfellow
they were the first american poets to rival british poets in popularity in either country
bryant-birth and death 1794 1878
what book of poems changed his life and who published the book lyrical ballads; william wadsworth and samuel taylor coleridge
bryant- he was the founder of republican party
name 3 specific images rock ribbed hills narrow house breathless darkness
longfellow-where was he born portland,maine
longfellow-what college did he attend bowdoin college
longfellow-where else did he study portland academy
scanning analysis of poem to determine meter
foot metrical unti of poetry
spondee pairing of 2 stressed meters
what is the theme of the tide rises and the tide falls time passes and cycles repeat
sonnet 4 lined poem in iambic pentameter(abab cdcd efef gg)
2 types of sonnets shakespearean petrarchan
what was the symbol for longfellow's grief the cross was jesus' burden and symbolizes his own, his wife's death
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