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social studies m-t

7th grade for ronnie sinitere

valley owned by france into which english colonist move causing conflict? ohio river valley
document giving power by king to govern a colony? charter
title for the leader of a colony? governor
first colonial legistlative body in north america? virginia assembly
elected official to govern virginia colony? house of burgess
common in new england colonies where the town people would meet and discuss? town meeting
king of england in 1685 james 2
lawmaking body of england; similar to congress? parliment
famous document of laws that reduced the powers of the king of england english bill of rights
religious group in massachusetts whose laws were based on the bible. puritans
nickname THE BOOK, source of laws in massachusetts bible
placed on trial for printed false statements about the govonor.he was found innoscent peter zinger
freedom of speech as protected by 1st amendment? result of peter zingers trial
goods shipped into a country? imports
goods shipped out of a country? exports
illegal trade of goods? smuggling
trade between north america,england,and africa triangular trade
religious movement in the colonies in 1730's-1740's? great awakening
leader of the great awakining in massachusetts? jonathan edwards
scientific movement in europe during 1600's in new scientific discoveries and ideas about government? age of enlightment
english philosopher and author of the social contract theory john locke
native american who led a war against english settlers moving into ohio river valley? king phillip
organization of 6 powerful tribes who traded with english colonist> iroquois league
british officer sent to settle conflicts in ohio river valley? george washington
war between great britian and france with native american tribes as allies in 1754-1763? french and indian war
the 1st plan to unite the colonies? albany plan
name for the war in europe between england and france? 7 year war
name for canada new france
capital city of new france during french and indian war? quebec
Created by: kerricomeaux
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