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The language of clay

clay vocabulary

the /planningsculpting options for a work of clay art Possibilities
A one color, total coverage,smooth coating of Acrylic Paint on clay Base Coat
Various ways to apply paint to a surface with a brush, for example "dry brush" Brush Techniques
to harden the clay, this furnace heats it at high temperatures which fuses the clay particles. Kiln/firing
a technique of working with clay using only your hands and simple tools rather than the potters wheel Hand built
spatial relationships are achieved by placing one object over another to create an interesting relief sculpture effect. Overlapping shapes
placement of non-identical forms to either side of a balancing point in such a way that the two sides seem to be of the same visual weight. - Asymmetry
Shapes, forms and patterns found in living systems Organic
relating to joining techniques… scratched in texture with liquid form of clay to attach pieces of clay Score/slip
when one side of artwork balances the other or is visually the same on both sides Symmetry
At this basic stage of dryness, new clay can no longer be added to the work Leather Hard
line, form, value, texture, color, and shape; can be seen and worked with independently in any work of art regardless of its figurative content. Elements of Art
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