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Walkowiak - Hardware

T or F: 1. Mainframe computers store little information False - Mainframes store massive amounts of information
T or F: A floppy disk is an example of an output device. False - A floppy disk is a storage device
T or F: CPU stands for creative problem unit - the brains of the computer. False - CPU stands for Central Processing Unit
T or F: Computers that are networked can share information and can sometimes share printers. True
T or F: A printer is an example of an output device. True
T or F: A bar code reader is a small pressure and motion-sensitive device that is used in place of a computer mouse. False - A touchpad is pressure and motion sensitive
T or F: A scanner turns a picture into groups of dots called poka-dots. False - A scanner turns a picture into pixels
T or F: A dot matrix printer gives the lowest quality of a printed document. True
T or F: A hard disk is the primary device that a computer uses to store information True
T or F: The term FAX stands for frequently asked examples. False - FAX is short for Facsimile
T or F: CD-ROM stands for Compact disk – Random Only Memory False - Compact Disk stands for Read Only Memory
Supercomputers are used to do things like __?__. predict hurricanes
A __?__ is similar to a TV screen for viewing information from the computer. Monitor
Computer speakers are used to generate __?__. voice, music, and other sounds
The __?__ computer is portable, and contains a monitor, computer case, and keyboard. Notebook/laptop
The keyboard is a(an) ___?___ device that lets you communicate with your computer input
A hand-held device that allows you to move around a computer screen and give commands is called __?__ Mouse
Using a __?___ allows you to record sounds as input to your computer. Microphone
A small input device that looks much like a pencil eraser is called a ___?__. Pointing stick
To send or receive electronic e-mail messages, your computer must be hooked through telephone lines to a __?__. Modem
When several PC’s connect together so they can share files and computer equipment, this is called a __?__. Network
Laser printers uses __?__ to form images on a page. Ink toner
These devices allow you to exchange information between computers or to make back-ups of files. Storage
The ___?___ is the master control program that works like a traffic cop to direct traffic and keep everything flowing smoothly inside your computer. Operating system
This device regulates the amount of electricity that flows to the computer and prevents high-voltage surges from damaging a computer. Surge protector
REMINDER: Besides studying for the short answer part of your test, don't forget to complete ___?__. The part II essay on the technology I think has impacted our society the most. I will give 2 reasons why I think this and give supporting details.
Created by: Twalkowiak