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Toxic Heat & Sores

Formulas that Clear Toxic Heat plus Sores & Abscesses

Drain Heat, Relieve Toxicity (especially "fire toxicity in all three burners") Huang Lian Jie Du Tang
Huang Lian, Huang Qin, Huang Bai, Zhi Zi Huang Lian Jie Du Tang
Damp Heat XS with "interior clumping." Could present as either constipation or dysenteric diarrhea with swelling, tightness, red eyes/face Drain the Epigastrium (Xie Xin Tang)
Huang Lian, Huang Qin, Da Huang Xie Xin Tang
Huang Lian, Huang Qin, Da Huang + Fu Zi Fu Zi Xie Xin Tang
Bleeding (esp. UJ), fire (especially digestive), even "unsettled Heart qi," and even Damp Heat jaundice Xie Xin Tang
"Acute massive febrile disorder of the heat," with throat/eye signs/sx Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin
Universal Benefit Drink to Eliminate Toxins Pu Ji Xiao Du Yin
Heat toxicity in Upper and Middle burners. Liang Ge San (Cool the Diaphragm Powder)
Drains the fire and unblocks the bowels by... purging (Mang Xiao, Da Huang; Lian Qiao, Zhi Zi, Huang Qin, Dan Zhu Ye). plus Gan Cao and Bo He Liang Ge San
For "epidemic toxic heat" Clear Epidemics and Overcome Toxicity Drink (Qing Wen Bai Du Yin)
Clears heat, resolves toxicity, cools the blood, and drains fire (for "epidemic toxic heat") Qing Wen Bai Du Yin
For hard skin lesions that "stand up like nails" or feel "like chestnuts" Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin (Nine Ingredient Drink to Eliminate Toxins)
Jin Yin Hua, Pu Gong Ying, Zi Hua Di Ding, Ye Ju Hua, Tian Kui Zi Nine Ingredient Drink to Eliminate Toxins (Wu Wei Xiao Du Yin)
For "milk moth" (??) due to Phlegm Fire on the skin Six Miracle Pill (Liu Shen Wan)
For yin type sores (dull, dark, flat, better with warmth) that could be accompanied with swollen, painful knees or wasting of muscle. ("Injuries that haven't healed well.") Balmy Yang Decoction (Yang He Tang)
Reed Decoction Wei Jing Tang (aka Lu Gen Tang)
Lung abscess d/t WH toxin in the Lung Wei Jing Tang (Reed Decoction)
"Cough with foul smelling sputum streaked with blood" Wei Jing Tang (Reed Decoction)
Appendicitis formula Rhubarb and Moutan Decoction (Da Huang Mu Dan Tang)
Drains heat, reduces blood stasis, breaks up swelling (for appendicitis) Da Huang Mu Dan Tang (Rhubarb and Moutan Decoction)
For intestinal abscess or appendicitis, sometimes dx'd by RLQ rebound tenderness or pain on "passive flexion of left hip" Da Huang Mu Dan Tang (Rhubarb and Moutan Decoction)
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