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cts 220 fall 2011

study for final exam

_________ proves who someone is who they say the are Authentication
What is another term for junk mail? Spam
______ hides in executable files. Virus
what is the language used to communicate with printers developed by Adobe? Post Script
how long does the fuser usually last in a laser printer? 45,000 pages
when cleaning a printer, if you take the inkjet nozzles out, how long can you leave them out without problems? 30 mins
printer _______is updated by downloading the update from the manufacturer website. firmware
what do you check for recorded events regarding the printer? event viewer
when talking about the number of bits that can be transmitted over a network at a time is? Bandwidth
what is the actual speed of the network called? throughput
what high speed network technology that can be used in other mediums? broadband
what offers moderate protection when connected to a private network? private profile
what lets you read info from the internet namespace by requesting info about dns resolutions from a dns server? nslookup
what is a computer called that intercepts requests that a client makes of a server? proxy server
what type of attack eaves drops on data in transit and may even change the data? man in the middle
what is used to communicate over the internet? voip
level of success of internet communications? quality of service
when using nslookup, when you know the ip address, what type of lookup is that? reverse
when you make-up a word that contains a word with several spaces allowed: passphrase
when you try to get people to give out private info: social engineering
when you put a dollar sign at the end of a file name creates a? hidden share
what is the command you use to encrypt, decrypt when the key is lost: cipher
for a standalone computer that is not kind of domain, the efs creates a ___ digital cert to use for the encryption: self signed
certificates are managed by a? certificate management console
when you cant access an encrypted file, you may be able to recover the file using: recovery certificate
latency measured by the round trip to a destination and back true
when you have an on-demand broadband connection, does it require a username and pass every time you want to connect? yes
what type of networking technology uses a dedicated line from your isp to your business or home? fiber optic
if you want to know what the dns server knows about a domain name, what is the command you use? nslookup
if you have 4 dotted decimals like, what is this called? subnet mask
what does ping mean ? sends an echo request to a remote computer
if you have malware that loads before the boot process is complete, what is this called? rootkit
what is the most common virus that is spread by e-mail called? macro virus
if a client server application is used, you have software and hardware firewalls, will all that stuff allow access for that client server application? false
in windows when you control security to folders, permissions are assigned to users or groups? True
allowing users full control of a folder is always required by the job? false
if you set permissions manually for a sub-folder, does that override inherited permissions? yes
A notebook considered a blackbox to computer technicians? no or false
when connecting to a network, windows assume static ip addressing? false
If security features are enabled on a motherboard, what controls these things? bios
Which card inserted into a laptop looks like a credit card? pc card
When all work is saved to the harddrive but the system receives a trickle of power, is called? hybrid sleep
if there is a brightness problem on a laptop, normally governed by what piece of hardware? backlight
Created by: npenley