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(CK)Old Yell Pt 4 SG

(CK) Old Yeller Study Guide Part 4

What do Travis, Mama, and Lisbeth do after Travis shoots the roan bull? They burn the bull carcass.
What kind of help is Lisbeth Searcy? She is great help.
How does the Spot heifer behave strangely? She walks in a circle and refuses to feed her calf.
Why does Mama say they must burn the bull carcass? to keep the disease from spreading
What attacked Mama and Lisbeth? a loafer wolf with hydrophobia
Why does Travis shoot Old Yeller? He knows that Yeller could bite someone and give them rabies also.
Why isn't Travis interested in the horse his dad brings him? He is too upset and filled with guilt over the death of Old Yeller.
How does Papa feel about the way Travis has handled his responsibilities while he was gone? He is proud of the way Travis has stood up to his problems.
What advice does Papa give Travis about life? Don't waste life by worrying about the bad parts.
What does Travis do when he discovers Little Arliss and the speckled pup playing in the family's drinking water? He breaks down and sobs because the pup reminds him so much of Old Yeller.
What is the essential lesson (THEME) at the heart of the novel Old Yeller? How to become a man (adult).
Created by: lindajune



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