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SPPA bilingual

Bilingual speech pathology

individuals with disabilities Education Act 2004 -testing wil be selected and administered so as not to be racially or culturally discriminatory -no single procedure will be the sole criterion
How do we conduct non-biased assessment? -We Cant -we can conduct lease-biased assessment
Misclassification -common -overrepresentation (just because of native language) -Underrepresentation (afraid to misdiagnose)
Bilingual Competencies -language proficiency -normal speech and language acquisition -best assessment and intervention practices -difference vs disorder -cultural competence
Fact or myth? the majority of the world is bilingual or polyglot? Fact
Fact or myth? Bilingualism is equal knowledge of 2 languages? Myth
Fact or myth? Parents should communicate in with their children in the language they speak best Fact
Fact or myth? Learning two languages is very difficult for most children? myth
Fact or myth? Reducing to one language improves chances for success. myth
Fact or myth? Children need rich language input to learn two languages fact
fact or myth? Being raised with 2 languages will confuse a normal or handicapped child? myth
fact or myth? Bilingualism will exacerbate any impairments? myth
fact or myth? Poverty is a problem in bilingualism? fact
Culturally sensitive practices requires that the clinician consider clients' cultural backgrounds
Language and culture -intimately related -different cultural groups interact with children in different was -school and home cultures dont always match
benefits of bilingualism -fun -rewarding -increases your desirabilty
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