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What is the setting for TKMB? Maycomb, Alabama, early 1930's
What advice does Atticus give scout at the beginning of the book? dont judge someone until youve been in their skin
what is scouts opiinion of school? hates it
what does scout find in the tree in front of the radley house? gum without the wrapper
what do scout AND jem find i the tree in fron of the radley house? indian head pennies, box of gum wrappers, little statues of soap
what is a hot steam? someone who cant get to Heaven so they just roam about
how does scout end up on the fron porch of the radley house? rolled in a tire
what new game do scout jem and dill come up with? boo radley game
why doesnt scout enjoy the new game as much as the boys? shes scared
what does scout hear coming from the radley house? laughter
what does miss maudie like to do instead of being in her house? garden
what does miss maudie tell scout about boo? foot washing Baptist
how do jem and dill insult scout to get her to go along with their plan? call her a girl
what happened when the kids tried to look inside the radley house? saw a giant shadow and heard a gunshot
what happens to jems pants? get stuck on fence and rip
what is dills explanation for jems not wearing pants? lost them in strip poker
what does jem do in the middle of the night? go and get his pants
after jem get his pants, explain his behavior. moody and silent and grownup
how did jem find his pants when he went back to the radley house for hie pants? they were sewn and folded over fence
what is unique about the weather at th beginning of ch 8? its snowing
who dies during winter and how do the children think this person died? mrs. radley/ boo killed her
why does atticus wake up scout in the middle of the night? miss maudies house was on fire
when atticus asks scout about the blanket on her shoulders, what does jem realize? boo put the blanket on her
why does scout almost fight cecil jacobs? calls atticus a ****** lover
what big case is atticus working on? tom robinson
describe aunt alexandra. stuck up, mean, snobby, gossiper, good cook`
what is scouts opinion of her father at the beginning of ch 9? hes old
who shoots tim johnson? atticus
what is jems punishment for destroying mrs duboses plants? read to her for three months
why does atticus say mrs dubose is a great lady? shes has courage even though she knows shes gonna die soon
what practice at First Purchase is unique to scout and jem linen
what is tom robinson accused of raping a white girl
why do dill and scout getr mad at jem? jem told atticus that dill was hiding under the bed
why do the men with heck tate come to see atticus tell him that they moving robinson to county jail
describe dolphus raymond town drunk/whit a black woman and has mixed children
who is mr gilmer prosecutor
what are the main points in sheriff tates testimony? where mayella was beaten
what does atticus show inhis cross examination of heck tate both hands were around mayellas neck
what does atticus prove by having mr ewell write his name he is ambidextrous
how does the chiffarobe play a role in mayellas story? asked tom to bust it up
why does atticus ask mayella if he chocked AND hit her? toms left arm is completely immovable so there is no way he could have done both of those things at the same time
why does toms statemen of feeling sorry foe miss mayella cause such a hostile reaction in the courtroom? a BLACK man feeling sorry for a WHITE woman is very frowned upon
why did tom visit ewell place to fix door hinges
why does dill start crying after the case? make shim sick the way tom is being treated
who understands dill dolphus raymond
what secret does dolphus raymond share with scout and dill hot really an alcoholic
why does calpurnia come to the courtroom to find kids
how long did it take to reach a verdict 3 hours
what is jems reaction to the verdict cry
why does atticus return home suddenly tom been shot
what is scout in the halloween play ham
what happens to scout and jem on their way home get attcked by someone
what dos heck tate find in his investigation bob ewell dead, crunched up ham costume, scouts dress
who rescued scout and jem boo
to avoid court what does tate say happened bob fell on own knife
what does scout do on radley porch stand in boos shoes
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