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(CK)Tuck 25-Ep Voc

(CK) Tuck Everlasting Ch 25-Epilogue Vocabulary

sedately calmly; serenely As she watched, a seed sailed calmly and _____ off.
unwittingly unknowingly; unintentionally Winnie dared not sleep in the jail cell, for fear she would kick off the blanket and give herself away _____.
profoundly strongly; deeply Mae had not been found, and Winnie was _____ grateful for that.
constricted cramped; tight; compressed Winnie had wanted to cough, and she passed a long hour trying to swallow away the tickle that _____ her throat.
astonishment amazement; wonder; shock The constable's whistle died on his lips when he realized it was Winnie in the cell. His comical look of _____ lasted for a moment only.
accomplice partner; associate It was a crime. What Winnie had done was a crime, and she was an _____.
custody safekeeping; control Winnie was released into the _____ of her mother and father.
staunchly supportively; loyally Winnie's family understood, and afterward they drew together _____ around Winnie and supported her.
gait manner of walking; stride Winnie saw a large brown dog, with easy _____, come loping down the road toward her and the toad.
revulsion distaste; strong dislike A feeling of _____ swept through Winnie after picking up the toad, and she wiped her hand again and again on her skirt.
Created by: lindajune