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Lotttery Rose 1-6

impudent shameless, bold
wary very cautious, on guard, watchful
endure to put up with, to tolerate
prospect an exception, a possibility
unbearable not capable of being endured
tolerated to bear, sustain
flogged to beat with a strap, stick, whip as punishment
awed a solemn wonder
imploring to plead or beg with much feeling
unmindful not attentive, forgetful, careless
reassured to help feel safe and comfortable
bewilderment confused, puzzled, perplexed
plea an appeal, an urgent request
monstrosity the quality of being monstrous
vespers evening prayer
stout short, heavy-set
looking-glass being or involving in the opposite of what is expected
anguish extreme pain either in the body or mind
stolidly calm, dependable, showing a little emotion
unyielding not giving way to pressure
wretchedly in a very unhappy or unfortunate state
remorsefully deep regret or guilt for a wrong committed
incinerator a container in which trash is burned
mutilated to cut off or remove an essential part
din a loud, unpleasant, noise
attuned make receptive or aware
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