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Slideshow Terms

Microsoft PowerPoint is a complete _____ program that allows you to produce professional-looking slide shows. Presentation graphics
All of the following are PowerPoint features except _____. database management
The following should have been completed on the PowerPoint term project: 1. adding custom animation to each clip art 2. changing the background to another theme design 3. changing the font
When choosing words for PowerPoint slides, _____. use the less is more principle
The _____ view is the default view when a user opens PowerPoint. Normal
The basic unit of any PowerPoint presentation is a(n) _____. Slide
# Switch to edit mode removeRemove points This is used to position the text, graphics, tables, charts, and drawings on the slide. layout
The _____ is considered the control center in PowerPoint 2007. Ribbon
Information that you would like to share with your audience but not appear on the slide can be written in the ____ pane. Notes
A position within a structure, such as an outline that indicates the magnitude of importance is called what? level
How are themes arranged in the Themes gallery? in alphabetical order running from left to right
There were how many terms to define in the PowerPoint Terms Project? 60
After you have selected text that you would like to change the font size, click the Decrease Font Size or Increase Font Size buttons located _____. on the Mini toolbar
What are eight colorful slide thumbnails called in the design tab? themes
The ____ button is used to view the PowerPoint presentation in full screen view. Slide show
When running a slide show, a ____ appears near your mouse pointer when you right-click. pop-up menu
What button in the Spelling dialog box is used to skip a word one time? Ignore
What are the boxes with dotted borders that are displayed when you create a new slide. Placeholders
How do you adjust the width of the Slide Pane? Splitter Bar
What is the primary tab on the ribbon for PowerPoint? Home
A title slide is never used to introduce the PowerPoint to the audience. False
Portrait orientation is the default or preset slide on PowerPoint. False
Notes pane is at the bottom of the window and an area where you can type notes and additional information. True
Live preview allows you to point to a gallery choice and see its effect in the document without selecting the choice. True
The Office button only allows you to save and print documents. False
Format is the appearance of characters that appear on the screen are a specific shape and size. True
When coordinating text and graphics on a slide, always move the photos to the outside edge of the slide. False
The color of your font should blend and slightly fade in to the background of a PowerPoint design. False
File is a saved presentation. True
The file name is not important to the file when it is saved. False
Multi-level bulleted list consists of more than one level of bulleted text. True
Slide indicator shows the number and title of the slide you are about to display. True
The shortcut for a Slide Show View is F10. False
The shortcut for a Slide Show View is F5. True
PowerPoint users can insert artwork and multimedia effects, including pictures, photos, sounds, and movies, into a presentation. True
The Ribbon contains tabs, scroll bars, and the status bar only. False
A document theme is a collection of formatting options such as a set of colors, a set of heading and content text fonts, and a set of lines and fill effects True
When a line of text is too long to fit in a placeholder, the text will not automatically line wrap. False
You cannot save PowerPoint 2007 files in previous version formats. False
It is good practice to save a presentation and then print it. True
PowerPoint will automatically save it slideshow mode by default False
The enter key on the keyboard will delete a word from the PowerPoint slide False
Created by: eva_rutiri