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Intro to business fi

Maslows Theory people are motivated when unmet needs are met
International business 1. import and export 2.sell rights (franchise) 3. stratigic alliance 4. direct investment
Management Pyramid Top Middle and Frontline
three forms of ownership sole proprietorship, partnership, corperation
BFOQ Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications
Steps in Recruiting Process applications, interviews, testing, refrences & background checks, job ofers
product life cyle introduction, growth, maturity, decline
personal selling process 1. prospect and qualify 2. prepare 3. present 4. handle objections 5. close sale 6. follow up
distribution channel the path a product takes to get from the manufacturer to the consumer
disintermediation people who sell without a wholesaler
Supply and Demand demand goes up, supply must also
GDP way to tell how economy is doing financially. shrinking two consecutive quarters means recession
file for American entrepreneur must be able to take risks and ask others for help
Debt and Equity financing Debt- loans Equity- personal financing and investors
Supply Chain (How has technology helped?) ex: ore- metal - fendor- onto car. technology has helped by speeding up the process
Old vs. New Media (new promotional techniques are displaceing old ones, examples) long standing techniques (billboards, magazines with ads in places like video games and on facebook
swot helps managers measure internal strengths and weaknesses
Created by: 00Evan
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