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Latin Nouns


charta paper
atramentum ink
janua door
subsullium bench
lectus bed
cibus food;meal
lilium lily
malum apple
stola gown
medicus doctor
pirum pear
puella girl
culina kitchen
agricola farmer
vacca cow
aqua water
tunica tunic
stella star
ovum egg
gallina chicken
pila ball
cerasum cherry
porcus pig
asinus donkey
discipulus student
equus horse
casa house
plaustrum cart
magistra female teacher
liber book
discipulus boy student
discipula girl student
schola/ludus scool
classis class
stilus pencil
volumen volume; scroll
tabula tablet
regula ruler (as in the thing that measures inches)
cathedra chair
soror sister
frater brother
mater mother
pater father
avia grandmother
avus grandfather
magister male teacher
canis dog
feles cat
infans baby
fraterculus little brother
stadium stadium
templum temple
medicina medicine
villa country house; villa
athleta athlete
femina woman
rosa rose
stomachus stomach
amicus male friend
vinum wine
tectum roof
scanalium scandal
monstrum monster
cubiculum bedroom
oppidum town; village
stabulium stabel
calamus pen
fenestra window
filia daughter
caelum sky
pecunia money
librarium bookshlef
filius son
balneum bath
fundus farm
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