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OCM1 final Fx

OCM1 infantile malnutrition-toothache

Bo He Lian Qiao Tang WH toothache
Qing Wei San ST Fire Toothache
Zhi Bai DI Haung Wan K Yin (-) w/ fire Toothache
Ding Xiang Oil Dental Cavities toothache
Yin Qiao San WH Tinnitus
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang LV Fire Tinnitus
Wen Dan Tang Phl Fire Tinnitus
Bu Zhong YI Qi Tang Sp Qi (-) Tinnitus
Er Long Zuo Ci Wan K JIng (-) Tinnitus
Xiao Yao San Qi Goiter
Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang Fleshy/Qi stag w/ Phl Goiter
Tao Hong Si Wu Tang Stone Goiter
Bu Zhong Yi QI Tang Qi (-) Hernia
Nuan Gan Jiang Cold in LV Hernia
Wu Ling San Shui/watery Hernia
Tain Tai Wu Yao San QI/LQS Hernia
Dao Qi Tang Foxy Hernia
Ju He Wan Phl/Bl Hernia
Da Huang Hu Dan PI Tang Qi/Bl stag Intestinal Abcess
Lan Wei Qing Hua Tang Flourishing heat Intestinal abcess
Lan Wei Jie Du Tang Toxic Heat Intestinal Abcess
Yi YI Fu Zi Bai Jiang San Chronic DC Intestinal Abcess
Shao Fu Hua Yu Tang Chronic Bl stasis/Scar tissue Intestinal Abcess
Xin Yi San WC in Lu Sinusitis
Cang Er Zi San WH in Lu Sinusitis
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang LV/GB DH Sinusitis
Dan Xi Bi Yuan Fang Sp/ST DH Sinusitis
Wei Fei Zhi Liu Dan Wei/Lu Qi (-) Sinusitis
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San Bu Zhong Yi QI Tang SP QI (-) Sinusitis
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang Acute Herpes Zoster
Long Dan Xie Gan Tang DH/middle stage Herpes Zoster
Xiao Yao San chronic Herpes Zoster
Gui Zhi Tang WC Urticaria
Xiao Feng San WH Urticaria
Fan Feng Tong Sheng SAn DH in ST/Li Urticaria
Wu MEi Wan Intestinal Parasite Urticaria
Dang Gui Yin Zi BL (-) Urticaria
Bao He Wan Food Stag Infantile Diarrhea
Huo Xiang Zheng Qi Wan WC Infantile Diarrhea
Ge Gen Huang Qin Huang Lian Tang DH Infantile Diarrhea
Qi Wei Bai Zhu San Sp Qi (-) Infantile Diarrhea
Fu Zi Li Zhong Wan Sp/K Yang (-) Infantile Diarrhea
Fei Er Wan Food Stag Infantile Malnutrition
Shen Ling Bai Zhu San Sp Qi (-) Infantile Malnutrition
Ren Shen Yang Yin Tang Qi/Bl (-) Infantile Malnutrition
Created by: bolloxed